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Remote Call RecorderHow To Track Android Phone Location Using Android Device best new free smartphone monitoring softwares android ..16 Apr 2018 .. However, most components of the Android Device Monitor are deprecated in favor of updated tools available in Android Studio 3.0 and higher.

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How To Track Android Phone Location? - If you want to track location of your Android phone then follow this video.Kindly share this video: need to follow these Steps:#1: Go to and type "android device manager."#2: Click on "Android Device Manager- Google."#3: Login to your Gmail account and password that is associated with your device.#4: Click on Triangle arrow button to select your device.#5: After few seconds, android device manager will show your exact location of your Android phone.Note: If #location is not enabled on the phone, then #Android device manager won't give you the current exact location of your phone.#6: It will show you last located time, address and last online date.- Now you have three different options are available.1. Ring: If you want to start to ring on your phone, then click on ring option, your device will ring for 5 minutes at high volume.2. Lock: Click on lock option to lock a phone with a password. You can put your phone number there so that if any right person finds your phone, he/she can contact you.3. Erase: Click on erase option to factory reset your phone that will remove internal storage data. But It will not remove SD card data.Steps to know location history of the device.#1: Go to Select day, month and year.#3: It will show you all locations of a particular day.Subscribe to our channel: All TechClicko's Videos here: Facebook tips and tricks here: Google Chrome Tips and Tricks here: our blog: us on:Facebook: plus: more such interesting videos, please subscribe to our channel and stay connected.If you face any problem in tracking your android phone location using this method, then leave a comment below and let me know. I'll be happy to assist you.

2. AndroidScreenCast software  Phone Area Code 209 Location Is XNSPY Android spy visible on the monitored device?

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  1. Select a physical device to emulate by clicking the Device pull-down menu:

  2. Select a system image to use with this virtual device by clicking the System image pull-down menu. This menu lists the installed system device manager images under Installed . the Download section (if shown) lists system device manager images that are currently unavailable on your development computer but can be automatically installed:

  3. Give the device a new name. In the following example, the new device is named Nexus 5X API 25 :

  4. Edit any properties that you need to modify. To make changes to properties, see Editing Android Virtual Device Properties .

  5. Add any additional properties that you need to explicitly set. The New Device screen lists only the most commonly-modified properties, but you can click the Add Property pull-down menu (in the bottom left-hand corner) to add additional properties:

  6. You can also click Custom to define a new property for the device:

  7. Click the Create button (lower right-hand corner) to create the new device:

  8. You might get a License Acceptance screen. Click Accept if you agree to the license terms.

  9. The Android Device Manager adds the new device to the list of installed virtual devices while displaying a Creating progress indicator during device creation:

  10. When the creation process is complete, the new device is shown in the device list with a Play button, ready to launch:


Monitor Mobile Phone Internet Activity

Today's smartphones are capable of viewing websites from any location. It is one thing to stand over your child while they are at the computer and monitor their Internet usage, but if they carry their mobile phone with them then how can you know that they are not looking at inappropriate sites while you are not watching? Mobile Spy is the ideal solution. With it you can see all Internet activity on your child's mobile phone so you will know what sites they are visiting.

How Mobile Spy Monitors Web Activity Web History

Discover which websites are being visited on your child's smartphone or tablet. All URL website addresses visited using the phone's browser are logged.


There are a lot of crazy videos on YouTube these days. Monitor the YouTube app to see every video watched and a link to view it.

Social Media

Mobile Spy has extra features that monitor social media messenger apps, URLs and screenshots from Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

This is a quick overview on how to view /project your cellphone screen on your computer monitorIf you like this video you can also look at: how to project/Display your IPAD screen onto your computer. will need the followinghttp://www.smileandmobile.com1) Android SDK Platform-tools: You can download this at the link below: [email protected]:// Java for your operating system

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