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Part 8: Footprints

Name: Footprints

Introduction: This is an iPhone monitoring apps for tracking the children and shows their location. Parents can know where their children are, also where they have been and set geographic boundaries and the app will warn you when those barriers are crossed in real time.


Can track GPS location.

Check messages and social media accounts

Real-time updates


Get online support.


It is available just for iOS devices.


Price: U$ 3.99 per year

Parental Filter Free Edition 1.0.2

Licensefree Download Platform Windows

Free and effective parental control filter

632 votes Download

  • Familoop Safeguard 2.0.37

    Licensebuy Download Platform Windows

    Smart Parental Control Software to protect and manage online activities of kids

    101278 votes Download

  • Last Next Softonic’s Best Rated Software for this topic #NameVersionVotesRatingPlatform
    1 Familoop Safeguard 2.0.37 1278 9.9 Windows
    2 Kaspersky Anti-Virus 9161 7.8 Windows
    3 Morpheus Basic 5.5.1 602 6.7 Windows
    4 Spyrix Free Keylogger 8.0.1 194 6.4 Windows
    5 Anti-Porn 282 6.2 Windows


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    Schedule Screen Time

    Set and forget! Limit app access automatically for recurring activities like school or bedtime.

    • 5.3

      Jul 19, 2018 - New app icons for App Rules- Usability optimizations and performance improvements
    • 5.2

      Jul 3, 2018 - Usability optimizations and performance improvements
    • 5.1

      Jul 2, 2018 - Enhanced location functionality- Usability optimizations and performance improvements
    • 5.0

      Apr 19, 2018 - New Places Feature: Parents can now receive real-time GPS alerts when their kids arrive or leave home, school or set geofence locations- Enhanced location functionality- Usability optimizations and performance improvements
    • 4.9

      Feb 8, 2018 - Supporting Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, French, German, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish Languages- Enhanced Security- Usability optimizations and performance improvements
    • 4.8

      Dec 8, 2017 - Usability optimizations and performance improvements
    • 4.7

      Dec 4, 2017 - Supporting Spanish, French, and German Languages- Enhanced Security- Usability optimizations and performance improvements
    • 4.6

      Oct 19, 2017 - Performance Improvements- Bug Fixes
    • 4.5

      Oct 4, 2017 - NEW WEB FILTER: Adult Content & Porn Blocker for iOS- Touch ID Security- Performance Improvement- Bug Fixes
    • 4.4

      Jul 3, 2017 - Performance Improvements- Bug Fixes
    • 4.3

      Jun 6, 2017 -Bug Fixes
    • 4.2

      Jun 1, 2017 • Family Locator• Performance enhancements• Updated FAQ
    • 4.1

      May 1, 2017 • Screen Time Allowance - set daily screen time limits for your children to budget throughout the day• Compatibility with OurPact Jr.• Device screen improvements• Performance enhancements• Updated FAQ
    • 4.0

      Mar 16, 2017 • App Rules - block specific apps• App List - discover what apps are on your child’s device• Text blocking• Devices Screen - parents can now see all the devices paired to their account• Performance enhancements
    • 2.7

      Dec 9, 2016 -Bug fixes and stability improvements
    • 2.6

      Dec 2, 2016 -Bug fixes and stability improvements
    • 2.5

      Nov 23, 2016 -Introduces subscription to OurPact Premium-Moved logout button from navigation menu to main dashboard-Updated FAQ-Minor design enhancement-Performance improvements-Bug fixes
    • 2.2

      Aug 9, 2016 -Performance Improvements-Bug Fixes
    • 2.1

      Jun 10, 2016 -Enhancements to child's access state to provide additional details-Minor bug fixes
    • 2.0

      May 27, 2016 Hello OurPact users! Here are some of our new features:- Native iPad support- New application design- Performance improvements
    • 1.5

      Mar 9, 2016 -Performance optimization to support 1,000,000's of new users-24/7 support-We welcome all feedback. To suggest new features, send an email to [email protected]
    • 1.4

      Dec 19, 2015 New Features:-Performance Improvements-Bug Fixes
    • 1.2

      Apr 13, 2015 New Features:-Network/Connection Alert Banner-Enhanced Navigation Menu-Enhanced FAQ-Performance Optimization-Bug Fixes
    • 1.1

      Feb 4, 2015

    Use FamilyTime on the go – make changes, manage child device

    Manage your child’s device via FamilyTime Dashboard app or via the website using any device with a browser so you can use FamilyTime even on the go.

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    • Simon Kemp

    mSpy Parental Control Solution

    The UNICEF declares “the Internet provides a new avenue for child abuse”. Cyberbullying, sexting, contacts with online predators are among them. Are you sure your kid is safe online?

    Buy now or view demo Prevent cyber dangers with mSpy parental control by:
    • Tracking messaging apps (Snapchat, WhatsApp, FB messenger, Tinder, etc.)
    • Knowing their GPS location
    • Checking their call logs, text/media messages
    • Compatible with Android and iOS
    • 24/7 live support
    Buy now shape

  • shape

  • shape

  • what is mspy?

    mSpy is a leading parental control app for smartphones that allows parents to monitor text messages, calls, current GPS location, Snapchat, WhatsApp and much more. mSpy – Know. Prevent. Protect.

    Cyber dangers every parent should be aware of
    • What is cyberbullying?

      Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices (smartphones, computers, tablets) and communication tools (social media, websites, etc.).

    • What is sexting?

      Sexting is sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, including photos and videos through the digital devices.

    • Who are online predators?

      Online predators are pedophiles who hide themselves under teenage profiles to “befriend” and abuse children on the Internet.

    • Created with Sketch.

      1 in 10 kids

      1 in 10 kids commit suicide attempt after being cyberbullied.

    • Created with Sketch.

      1 out of 7 children

      1 out of 7 children receives unwanted sexual solicitations on the Internet by online predators.

    • Created with Sketch.

      3 out of 10 teens

      3 out of 10 teens who sexted online fall under the risk of being registered as sexual offenders for 20 years.

    More mSpy MONITORING Features that Will Help You protect your child online
    • Messaging apps

      Stay informed of all conversations taking place via social media apps on the child’s device

      • Read all sent and received texts on social media platforms (Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.)
      • Monitor with whom your kid is talking to prevent communication with bullies or predators
    • GPS Location

      Track kid`s GPS location and set virtual zones with geo-fencing

      • Check their whereabouts and route history over specific interval of time
      • Identify their location using Wi-Fi even when regular GPS is unavailable
      • Set virtual zones like “home”, “school” and get alerts once your kid enters or leaves these zones
    • Call Logs

      Get the chronological log of all incoming and outgoing calls on your child’s device

      • View time and duration of every call
      • Monitor list of calls, names and phone numbers
      • Block unwanted numbers from reaching your child
    • Photos/Videos

      View all photos/videos on the kid’s device

      • Browse all downloaded pictures on the child’s device
      • View all photos/videos saved in the gallery
    • Sent/Received text messages

      Read all sent, received and deleted texts on the kid’s device

      • Review the date and time of each text message;
      • View if the message was sent or received
    • Internet activity

      Keep an eye on the URLs your kid visits

      • View search requests
      • Monitor saved bookmarks
      • Review browsing history
    Buy now Experts Reviews

    “mSpy is close to be the best parental control app available worldwide, which is especially designed for guardians and parents to monitor their kids online activities and control them before they become the victims of online harassment.”

    The Next Web Read More

    “mSpy is one of the best parental control apps available on the market. With over 1.000.000 users worldwide it continuously provides both high quality product and service.” Read More

    “This phone tracker has all the features you'd expect it to have. It's also easy to use.”

    Topten reviews Read More ⟨ ⟩ what our customers say “My child’s school is quite far from home and we need to be sure she’s ok on her way back from school. So we found out about this geofencing thing and gave it a shot. We were surprised it worked ‘cause once she decided to go to some store with her friend, we were informed that she has entered district we marked on the map as dangerous. Helped a lot, especially for such busy parents as us.” “She wouldn’t tell me anything and would be angry with me for no reason. Constantly on her phone and wouldn’t let me even touch it. mSpy app was basically my last clue. When I got to her SnapChat I broke in tears, my girl was about to run away with this guy she had never met in real life. Cannot thank enough.” “Why did I decide to use mSpy? Simple, I am not gonna sit and wait for something to happen. I read about Amanda Todd and other kids. Seriously, my son’s safety costs way more than .” “I couldn’t believe my eyes what kids post on social media, such mean, hateful messages it broke my heart. My daughter is a kind and gentle girl, I am so glad I could catch these haters and stop the abuse.” “I saw some calls annoyed my teen daughter. She got upset every time somebody called her. I know my kid so I needed to sort things out. So I got this mSpy app for identifying that mysterious guy. What I saw blew my mind: he literally bullied her, sent awful emojis, and said he’s gonna track her after school. We met up with parents and talked the whole thing out.” ⟨ ⟩ Read more about mSpy software

    • Monitor all file, web, and program usage without installing client software on any network computers
    • Protect network assets
    • Receive alerts when specific file events occur

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    McAfee AntiVirus Plus

  • Best Parental Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

    We are sure that after getting to know about these best free parental control software and tools, you can definitely create a safe and nurturing environment for your family. Save your hard-earned money and make sure that your kids stay protected with these free parental control software.

    • PROS: Integrates 'Safe Search' options, Time restrictions, Set passwords and filters
    • CONS: Takes time to install
    • Legal Information
    • Terms of use
    • Cookie Policy

    Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

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