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The new way for families to manage content and time across all devices.

Monitor and Manage kid's Cell Phone Activities like Location, Internet, Phone Logs, App Blocking, Geofencing & much more!

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  • Learn how to setup parental control restrictions on your family's Android smartphones and tablets. Help young users learn how to use the Internet safely. Manage and monitor the browsing remotely from the web or mobile app. For more information, visit www.mobicip.com.

    These new apps promise to protect you from dangerous attackers

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      • Track Location
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      Parental control software

      Get complete peace of mind while your children surf the web. Parental control software blocks unsafe websites, masks obscene language, monitors email and instant message conversations and controls access to mobile devices and computer games.

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      Typical teens live on their phones nowadays — and often their parents don't have a clue what they're doing on them, who they're talking to, or what they're typing.

      But three apps that you can download onto your kids' phones right now can change that, by enabling you to monitor not just your child's web history, but also every text, every phone call... even their exact location.

      9. Kids Place

      This app is more for those parents who are struggling day and night to keep their infants from meddling in their phones. The kids can be annoying and they do all sorts of irrational things but who could blame them, right! There have been many cases where kids were found guilty of sending texts to strangers, making phone calls to numbers they entered from their imaginations, buying from the Playstore without knowing how much it costs and also falling victims of in-app purchases. All of these can be stopped by installing this free software on any phone. Kids place is effective when you are lending your phone to children but you don’t want your private documents to be seen or worse, deleted.

      kiddoware parental control android app

      Installation and price

      The app goes for free and the registration is simple.

      Blocking Applications

      There is no remote control, so any restrictions that are made will also be applicable to the parents. They can bypass this by entering their pass codes. The app can block apps very effectively and also the settings.

      Time Limits

      Though the app is free, its time limits features are excellent. The parents can choose individual limits for any app by setting a timer on it. They can also schedule time limits for the phone or tablet. This way the screen will only be lit for a specified amount of time. The parents have access to restrictions on usage during night times or maybe school times. The settings can be configured easily for restricting usage at certain time periods.

      Web Content Filtering

      There is no in-app web content filtering feature but plug-ins can be downloaded from the browsers to enable web content filtering.


      There’s no geo-fencing feature in this app.

      Location Tracking

      There is no location tracking feature in this app

      Messaging and Calls

      When this app is running it can block incoming calls and messages.

      This parental control android app is a good choice if you have a toddler and you don’t want him/her to do damage to your documents or make a purchase without your knowledge. The app does not allow access to any other devices, so, if you want to monitor activity on the phones used by your teenager children then it would be a better idea to choose an app from above and not this.

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      Time Limits

      The app can set a time limit within which your child can use his/her android phone. This can be set when it is their time to sleep as many teenagers tend to use their mobile phone in the night time. Also, it can be used at the time when they ought to be in the school. But setting time limits for the specific app is not allowed. You cannot also block access to the specific app at a specific location, such as blocking games when your child is at school. Norton can certainly improve in this faculty. Some features are exempt from this blocking. The devices text messaging app cannot be blocked but you will be able to read the incoming and outgoing texts.

      Additional Information

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      • Company InfoJan 10, 2018 .. Editor's Note: Because wiretap laws vary by state, we do not advocate using cell phone parental control software to record phone calls, either ..
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      • 5. FamilyTime Parental Control
      • Q. Can I prevent my child from playing violent or obscene games?

      Web Filtering

      The hallmark feature of any parental control app is its ability to prevent kids from accessing inappropriate or dangerous websites. The majority of these apps bundle a proprietary browser that makes it easier for the services to manage, track, and control browsing activity. This makes more sense than trying to reverse engineer support for every conceivable mobile browser. As such, most of these apps instruct you to block every other browser or restrict your child from installing any other apps at all.

      Most of these browsers operate similarly in that they block access to websites that fall under banned categories, including all the biggest offenders, such as file sharing, gambling, pornography, and violence. The best examples have no trouble picking up on HTTPS -encrypted traffic and blocking access to anonymizing proxies. Some apps, such as Net Nanny, let you create custom web-filtering categories, and the vast majority let you add specific rules for custom domains. The quality of web history reporting also varies from service to service. Qustodio shows previews of the sites your child visits on a timeline and contextual options for setting rules, while FamilyTime Premium does not support web supervision at all.

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      The Best Parental Control Apps for Your Phone

      If you want to keep your kids safe online, parental control software on your desktop is a step in the right direction, but you really need a capable app for phones and tablets too. These are the top performers in our testing.
      • By Ben Moore and Neil J. Rubenking
      • June 6, 2018 9:37AM EST
      • June 6, 2018
      PCMag reviews products independently , but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use .
      • Qustodio

        MSRP: .95 at
        • Bottom Line: Parental control app Qustodio is a highly configurable, easy-to-manage tool for keeping track of your child's activity on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

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      • Kaspersky Safe Kids

        MSRP: .99 at
        • Bottom Line: Kaspersky Safe Kids is a full-featured, affordable parental monitoring system for desktop and mobile platforms that doesn't impose limits on the number of devices you can monitor.

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      • Symantec Norton Family Premier

        MSRP: .99 at
        • Bottom Line: Norton Family's top-notch web interface and wealth of features make it easy for parents to track and manage their children's activity across their many devices, though it doesn't work on Mac...

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      • Net Nanny

        MSRP: .99 at
        • Bottom Line: Net Nanny's web-centric and multi-platform approach to parental control makes it a useful option for the modern world, but it hasn't been updated substantially in years.

        Read Review
      • Boomerang

        MSRP: .00 at
        • Bottom Line: Boomerang is a solid parental control solution for Android and iOS that helps parents track their children's web, app, and mobile activity. However, since it is mobile-only, you cannot use i...

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      • Locategy

        MSRP: .00 at
        • Bottom Line: Locategy's parental control app for Android and iOS keeps track of your kid's activities and location, but some design elements could use a refresh and the web filtering capabilities only wo...

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      • FamilyTime Premium

        MSRP: .00 at
        • Bottom Line: FamilyTime Premium does a decent job of keeping track of your kids' locations on Android and iOS, but it's a mobile-only parental control solution, and its lack of web filtering and inconsis...

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      Product Qustodio Kaspersky Safe Kids Symantec Norton Family Premier Net Nanny Boomerang Locategy FamilyTime Premium
      Lowest Price .95 MSRP .99 MSRP .99 MSRP .99 MSRP .00 MSRP .00 MSRP .00 MSRP
      Editors' Rating              
      Limit on Children / Devices 5 / 5 None None 1 / 1 1/1 3/3 1/1
      Free Version

      Supports Windows

      Supports macOS

      Supports Android

      Supports iOS

      Content Filtering


      Read Review Qustodio Review Kaspersky Safe Kids Review Symantec Norton Family Premier Review Net Nanny Review Boomerang Review Locategy Review FamilyTime Premium Review

      Ben Moore Neil J. Rubenking The Best Parental Control Apps for Your Phone If you want to keep your kids safe online, parental control software on your desktop is a step in the right direction, but you really need a capable app for phones and tablets too. These are the top performers in our testing.

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      Top 9 Best Parental Control Android App | Keep Safe Your Child

      Last Updated on April 3, 2018 by Editorial Stuff

      In today’s world, the internet is a necessity; a resource that cannot be denied. With the invention of an Android operating system for the cell phone has given people almost unlimited access to apps for every single need. Some of them are for entertainment only and some of them are based on social networking. They appear mostly harmless but like every tool in the world, this can also be turned into an instrument that destroys the childhood of our children.

      The world of Android apps is infiltrating our everyday lives.  This is no different for the lives of our children. A recent study shows that teenagers around the globe are spending more than nine hours a day, staring at the screens of their cell phones, tablets, and computers. The incredible gift of modern technologies is not only enriching their knowledge of the world but sometimes, due to overuse, the technological marvels are proving to be monsters. The children and teenagers are becoming more and more addicted to social networking and video games. Their android cell phones have become the center of all attention.

      The kids of this era are not only using these apps but also abusing them. They do not go to a field for playing games, they stare at screens; they do not talk to their parents or friends in person; they prefer the social networks. The children are getting addicted to games, social networking sites and in many cases, pornographic materials. The teenagers are getting their drugs through the social networking sites.  They are not aware of the troubles, even a single phone call can bring. The moral crisis is upon us.  Our children must be watched over for their own security but at the same time, we should not take away the benefits.

      Smart Phone Addiction - FIT - The Quint FamilyTime (iOS and Android) — $1 to $2 per monthMore in Raising KidsAlerts FamilyTime (iOS and Android) — $1 to $2 per monthJun 6, 2018 .. If your kids are strictly smartphone users, take a look at our roundup of .. If getting parental control coverage installed on each of your family's .. for your own family, check out our full reviews of these parental control solutions.

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