Cheating Husband's and the Other Woman

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In conclusion

Considering the points mentioned above, whether the need is emotional or financial or it just infatuation or fun or excellent compatibility or serious filling of the emotional void but one is willing to have and other partner can provide then there is a fit case of a married man falling in love with other woman.

This aptly explains why married men get charmed by other woman. Not only they fall head over heels but there are apparently many gains by both the partners – at least till the relationship lasts. It is better in the interest of all and from a long term point of view that there is no cheating.

But the basic question is why do they take such emotional and practical risks?

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These reasons are just a few but important ones. You are free to add more reasons in the comments box below.

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Sundeep Katarria is an avid practitioner of meditation, spirituality, self development for over 15 years. He is an excellent Motivational Speaker, Personal Growth Adviser, Life Coach who combines modern tools like EFT, NLP, Empowering Self Talk with oriental spiritual methods including Reiki, Pranic Healing, Vedic Astrology etc.

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Reconnecting is more important than the other woman

The biggest threat to your relationship is not that one particular other woman.  If it wasn’t her, then it would be someone else .  There’s nothing magical about her.  She is just an opportunity that he grabbed onto, so don’t get hung up on thinking about her.  The real problem is your loss of connection with your husband .  He doesn’t care enough about your marriage to remain faithful to you.  He is willing to risk losing it. Although you may only recently have found that out, you may still be able to get him back.  Don’t assume that because he doesn’t care about your marriage now, that he never will.  While separated, you can focus on using good connection skills with him while also maintaining good boundaries. These are skills that you may not know, but which you can learn. The best way to get them clearly and adapted to your particular situation is with a re-connections coaching package .

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The Other Woman 2014 trailer - Official movie trailer in HD 1080p - starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nicki Minaj, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - directed by Melissa Stack - After realizing that her boyfriend is married and has another girlfriend, she teams up with the wife and the new girlfriend to plot revenge. "The Other Woman" movie hits theaters on April 25, 2014.After discovering her boyfriend is married, a woman (Cameron Diaz) tries to get her ruined life back on track. But when she accidentally meets the wife he's been cheating on (Leslie Mann), she realizes they have much in common, and her sworn enemy becomes her greatest friend. When yet another affair is discovered (Kate Upton), all three women team up to plot mutual revenge on their cheating, lying, three-timing SOB. The Other Woman movie trailer 2014 is presented in full HD 1080p high resolution.THE OTHER WOMAN 2014 MovieGenre: ComedyDirector: Nick CassavetesCast: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kate Upton, Taylor Kinney, Nicki MinajWriters: Melissa StackThe Other Woman official movie trailer courtesy 20th Century Fox.Cieon Movies is your daily dose of everything movies with an extended selection of official licensed movie trailers and movie clips.Subscribe to Cieon Trailers for new movie, TV & video game trailers:

6. Date one of his friends. Choosing Fantasy over Reality18 Jan 2017 .. Check out what these women say it was like when the other woman was .. Woman Loses 100 Pounds to Get Revenge On Cheating Husband ..12 Sep 2017 .. What would you do if you found out your partner was unfaithful? Discovering you've been cheated on by someone you love is a horrible, painful ..Read Today's Devotion The Other Woman Trailer 2014 Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton Movie ..My husband is in love with me and another woman - Truth About Deception

A dire warning

You know what they say, ‘a leopard never changes its spots.’ Although we’re not sure this is the case (debate as you wish) we’re glad that there are some women out there who are willing to call out the leopards, to ensure other women or men do not get caught up in their lies. In this case, this enraged ex-wife decided to give her ex-husband a taste of his own medicine… with a lovely, handwritten note about the cheating wotsit.

Having An Affair? Advice For The Other Woman

06/20/2017 10:45 am ET

Most people assume that when two people are having an affair, it is hurting the person or people who are being cheated on. In articles about affairs, these people are often referred to as “the victims.” But in addition to these “victims,” an affair can be extremely hurtful to someone else: the other woman.

Often depicted as the villain, the other woman is usually looked down upon, and disrespected, like she is cheap, slutty, and has no morals or regard for her affair’s wife. Since every case is different, and I since I am not a judgmental person, I don’t feel that way about the other woman, particularly in the case of this reader, whose happily ever after didn’t turn out as she expected: We had an affair for 3.5 years. He finally got a divorce that was just finalized about six weeks ago after a year of separation. Of course I thought things would just fall right into place and we would live happily ever after. Wrong! I’ve never been married before and do not have children. He has a young daughter and has joint custody of her.

Since the divorce, we have been spending less time together and he seems more distant than ever. But when we do hang out, things are just as great as they ever were and we have the best time together, most recently an out of town trip to see a concert last weekend. He tells me he does not want any obligations, needs some time to focus on taking care of himself and his daughter, and does not want to refer to me as his girlfriend (even though he treats me like one when we are together). How can I find the balance of giving him time and space that he needs to heal from the divorce with my need of reassurance that this is actually going somewhere? I absolutely want a future with him, but I don’t want to waste any more time.

Many, many thoughts went through my mind reading this. The first is, when married people have affairs, it isn’t usually because they met someone and fell head-over-heels and just couldn’t resist the person that is their soul mate. When married people have affairs, in my opinion, one of two things is going on: 1. There is something not working in the marriage. There is resentment or boredom, or their spouse has some issue that has changed the relationship. Maybe the spouse is sick or is an alcoholic, or is depressed or cheated. Maybe the couple has grown apart-one person is very active and seemingly young and wants to travel, while the other has let him or herself go and is just on a different page. Maybe the couple never used to argue and now disagree on everything. Maybe there was some tragedy the couple faced and the two people handled it very differently. Maybe there are financial issues. Maybe they parent differently. Maybe one spouse gave all the attention to the kids and the other feels ignored/taken for granted. Or maybe the person having the affair has lost interest or respect for the spouse. Maybe one or both feels unappreciated, unloved, no longer cherished. For whatever reason, not being happy in a marriage will cause someone to seek love from someone else (or multiple people.) Those who are happy and committed in a marriage don’t usually have affairs, in my opinion.

2. The person having the affair is unhappy in their own life. He or she might have an addiction or an unresolved issue from the past or from childhood. Maybe the person is unhappy at work or is facing some bad times in another aspect of life—a family member or parent, perhaps. Maybe he/she felt like they couldn’t turn to the spouse for support and can’t communicate so they seek attention/love in someone else’s arms. I’m not taking sides. Maybe the spouse has turned off and is cold and distant and non-communicative. Not that that justifies having an affair, but my point is that it could be a reason why it happened. On the other hand, maybe the person having the affair never gave the spouse a chance to help him or her. Maybe that person shut him or her out and chose to cheat instead of lean on the spouse.

So, what I want to say to this reader is that it doesn’t sound like her boyfriend had the affair because he wanted HER. That’s not to say he doesn’t care for her, but obviously, he got divorced because he was unhappy for other reasons—which have nothing to do with her.

So now, being extremely naïve, this woman thought that she would move right in and they would live happily ever after. What she doesn’t realize is, this man is in a lot of pain, that could be stemming from years of unhappiness. He might feel very guilty for the affair, he might feel sad for his daughter for the divorce, he might not like himself because he cheated, and now that he is “free” to date his girlfriend—she no longer has to be a secret, he might feel kind of yucky about the whole thing. Maybe he doesn’t have respect for the girl because she has been sleeping with a married man for 3 ½ years. I’m not saying any of these things are true, I’m just speculating.

The thing about affairs is, when a relationship begins with secrecy and lies and cheating and betrayal (even if the marriage was really bad and the wife didn’t really care who he was with), it just has a bad foundation right from the start. I mean where can it really go from here? If they got married, would they look back and say, “Remember when we first met? Remember our first kiss? Remember the first time you cried to me? Remember how we couldn’t get enough of each other?” All these questions would be clouded with unsaid truths involving a wife and daughter who didn’t know where he was, how he came home and had dinner with his family after spending the afternoon with his girlfriend, how he lied to them every time he and his girlfriend had a date. The relationship is tainted. That’s the bottom line.

I’m not even saying that no relationship can work out if it starts out as an affair. I’m sure some do. In fact I can think of a few right now. But I know that for myself (and maybe this guy feels the same way) I wouldn’t want that history with someone. I want a beautiful beginning with someone I marry. Maybe that doesn’t matter to some people, but I have to believe that looking in the mirror and facing the truth isn’t rosy with an affair. It’s really something to think about.

What I want to say to this woman is, (and I feel badly if this post upsets her-I’m just trying to help) is that she might be wise to walk away. If after 3 ½ years this guy won’t call her his girlfriend, how happy in the relationship can she be? Not very.

She is most likely unhappy most of the time in the relationship, and it probably feels empty, lonely, frustrating and disappointing. These are not things that are desirable in a romantic relationship, are they? I hope she realizes that she deserves better. She deserves to date a man who respects her, adores her, is proud to walk down the street with her, introduces her to his friends, and loves her like she needs to be loved-not half the time.

As far as the divorced guy, he needs to be in therapy, to find out why he cheated, and to begin to heal from his divorce. He is correct that he needs to take care of himself and his daughter. But, he also needs to be kind to his girlfriend and think of her, too. He doesn’t want to let her go because he is having fun on his terms, when HE wants it to be fun. He is being selfish in this regard and it makes me kind of mad.

My reader writes “ I absolutely want a future with him, but I don’t want to waste any more time.” My advice is: You are wasting your time. Let him go for now. You deserve better than what he is offering. Let him figure things out. As for you, you have no baggage, other than spending 3 ½ years as a secret, as the other woman. That is not good for self-esteem. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. I’m sorry to say, but I don’t think this is doing that for you.

Jackie Pilossoph is the creator of her website, Divorced Girl Smiling. The author of her novels, Divorced Girl Smiling and Free Gift With Purchase, Pilossoph also writes the weekly dating and relationship column, Love Essentially, published in the Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press. Pilossoph lives with her family in Chicago. Oh, and she’s divorced.

Download This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email . Having An Affair? Advice For The Other Woman
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    A wife in Sheffield, England bought a digital billboard to call out her husband who was allegedly cheating. The billboard read: “To my cheating husband Paul. You deserve each other. When you get home I won't be there. Enjoy your drive to work! Lisa." For more information please visit

    • Australia
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    • The first step in dealing with your emotions is figuring out just what you're feeling. Try spending some time journaling to help you identify your emotions. [8]
    • Discussing it with a friend can also help you figure out what you're feeling. [9]
    • Don't be afraid to talk to a therapist. If you feel like your emotions are overwhelming you, it's perfectly normal to accept professional help. [10]

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    How to Let Go of Anger From a Divorce When Your Husband Cheated Most SearchedCheating From the Perspective of the "Other Woman" Is Tilapia a Boneless, Skinless ‘Mutant’ Fish that Is Unsafe to Eat?He was a loser

    Make it your goal to forgive the infidelity, heal and thrive.  

    Ask any divorce lawyer . Family court judge, therapist or best friend of a divorced person: The people who thrive after a split are those who get on with it already. No matter the circumstances, they forgive, focus on what they can control (not him, for cryingoutloud! YOURSELF. Your life, feelings, actions. YOU!). They don’t drag the ex to court every other week, or get into text pissing matches, blaming the other party for “ruining our family.” They accept their kids’ new step parents and ex’s romantic partners, because, what is the other choice? To badmouth the person to your kids for eternity? Spew vitriol across the aisle at your kids’ wedding, or confirmation or bat mitzvah? Wallow in the pain and contrived victimhood of your divorce? Not a good look.

    It may take time to actually, authentically feel better and whole and strong again. Until then, fake it till you make it. Be civil and focus on getting through the horrors of the divorce process. I’ve been through a divorce, and let me give you the best piece of advice I can: GET OUT OF THAT PLACE ASAP! Clench your jaw and get to the other side as graciously and maturely as possible. Help your kids acclimate to their new living arrangement. Be at the very least civil and non-violent to his new (or maybe not-so-new?) girlfriend. Bite the shit out of that tongue. Just bite it and smile.

    This is want that for you: A happy, STD-free future, full of forgiveness and peace. You got this. But it is on you.


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    Catana Chetwynd

    Row 31, Seat 7-8

    Being cheated on feels bloomin’ awful. Some people want to cry, others want to scream the house down, but there are other people who like to quietly shame their ex-partners – including this woman. We can only imagine that she was supposed to watch this game with her husband, but changed her plans when she learned of his infidelity. However, she wasn’t going to miss out because of him, so got the rest of the stadium to boo him instead.

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        How to Handle Loving and Dating a Married Man

        by GlendaGoodWitch187

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        13 The Switcheroo

        Cell phones are a glorious thing. We look at our phones, and through them, dial and text our saved contacts. Heck, we barely even remember phone numbers anymore. This one requires a little recon. Remember in the intro when we talked about those who got caught red-handed sexting? Well, this play is just for you. What you want to do is enact the plan: Switcheroo. It's very simple. Wait until your significant other is in the shower. Then grab his or her phone and find the contact entry for that special person you know the cheater is doing the deed with. Next, interchange the snake's phone number with that of your partner's brother or sister (think opposite sex here for extreme awkwardness). This way, the switch will look like it's a software glitch. Now, imagine for a moment, if it's a guy that's cheating, and he sends sext messages to his sister? Yuck. The same is true in the opposite scenario. Then, wait a few months and do it again with one of the cheater's parents. It's likely that he or she will change cell phones at that point, since it's already happened twice; then you can do it all over again. Heck, you might even get a call from your in-laws ratting your significant other out.

        Are you the other woman (or man) caught in the web of infidelity? Picture this: Two friends walk into an all-you-can-eat buffet. One woman immediately joins the .. 19 Jul 2016 .. Often, the other woman very intentionally pursues a married man .. Karen says, “I love being a mistress – married men make much better lovers ..This website uses cookies Why men decide to leavePrimary SidebarThe other woman: Female empowerment in infidelity

        It’s complicated

        Nowadays, Facebook rules our lives, and we can’t even go to the grocery store without someone ‘checking in,’ taking a photograph of the watermelons or Snapchatting the whole journey. Alongside this, people use Facebook to advertise their relationship status – whatever it may be. When this woman changed her status from ‘engaged’ to ‘it’s complicated’ this friend couldn’t help but explain why it really WASN’T complicated. We really, really hope the person who commented was her ex-fiance. That would be incredible.

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