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  • Apple Transfers Chinese Users' iCloud Data to State-Controlled Data Centers

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    • Configure it to be as secure as possible against cache poisoning.
    • Manage your DNS servers securely
    • Don’t get caught by known vulnerabilities
    • Separate the authoritative function from the resolving function using different servers.
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    “When a hacker takes over a user’s Facebook account, they can post images, send messages and access all of that person’s private information in one fell swoop. Facebook has had a lot of security issues which it is now trying to address.”

    The most common reason for hackers to breach Facebook users’ accounts is so that they can spread scams and send false offers to the member’s friends in an attempt to sell counterfeit goods and benefit financially.

    Cluley said it was becoming easier to hack into more users’ Facebook accounts as thirty per cent of people online are using the same passwords across all of their digital accounts – making it simpler for hackers to control a person’s entire web identity.

    He also warned that growing numbers of teenagers are hacking into the Facebook accounts of their school rivals in order to post malicious messages and photos on their behalf.

    Facebook declined to comment.

    Increasingly more people are also duped into sharing their login details on fake sites, a process called phishing, which gives hackers access to passwords and email accounts.

    Security experts have advised people to choose complicated passwords in order to avoid any of their personal online accounts being hacked and to have different ones for every single digital service they use.

    It is understood that out of the approximate 600,000 ‘compromised Facebook logins’ a day, not all of them are successful as Facebook is able in certain circumstances to block some pre-emptively using location technology.

    The social network is rolling out two new features in an attempt to further protect Facebook users’ security. ‘Trusted Friends’ is a tool which will allow users to nominate three to five ‘trusted friends’ to be sent login codes if a person is locked out of their account, having had their password changed by a hacker.

    The site is also introducing passwords for apps, meaning members do not have to use the same logins for different third party services they access via Facebook – such as Spotify.

    Facebook is the largest social network in the world with more than 800 million members who spend more than a total of 700 billion minutes on the site per month. Half of the UK now have accounts on the site which was created and still run by Mark Zuckerberg, a 27 year-old technology entrepreneur. The average user has 130 friends on the service.

    • These applications can be free or in the paid form. Paid one is loaded with multiple features in comparison of free applications. Paid apps are 100% safe which is not a case in a free application. So, if you have a pocket full of cash then go for it otherwise consider free apps.
    • For using them, one needs to download them on the targeted phone. Follow the steps directed by the software, and you are ready to spy other people Facebook.
    • Whether you are using a paid or free software, do not forget to regularly update them as if you miss this step then the target person might catch you.
    • While login, make sure to enter right details like an e-mail address or phone number. Do not forget to hide the installed application as it shouldn’t be visible to the target person in his/her phone.


    So, there are several methods of tracking Facebook accounts and using spy apps to hack into someone’s Facebook is the best of them. Install it once and enjoy easy monitoring from any place in the world and using any device. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will be glad to answer them.

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    ArchivesMacGyverisms Track My Daughters iPhone My Computer SKYPEFacebook Password Hacker | How to Hack Facebook Password ..Scam Alert: Your Trusted Friends Can Hack Your Facebook Account. October 12 .. That's possibly the most frequently asked question on the Internet today. Though the solution is .. Facebook adds Built-in Tor Support for its Android App. January 19 .. Do You also want to Hack Facebook Account of your Girlfriend? June 12 ..

    10 Easy Ways You Can Tell For Yourself That The Earth Is Round

    Way #2 – Hack a Facebook Account with Facesgeeks

    Facesgeeks.com is an experimental website. Are you interested how it works? It is a web-based application that allows users to discover a victim’s Facebook password by providing his/her profile computer address and there is no need to access a target phone & download an app . No email is required; you can take advantage of this service for free.

    Here is what you have to do to hack someone’s Facebook password. Follow these steps.

    1. Open your victim’s Facebook page and copy the profile’s ID.
    2. Visit the site facesgeeks.com. Enter the ID into the hacking panel. That’s all your work and the rest will be done by the online hacking service
    3. Wait for a few minutes. The computer will retrieve the password & show it to you.
    4. Use your victim’s password to crack his/her Facebook profile & log in it; that’s the trick.

    Wondering how successful they are in finding weaknesses in the Facebook security system , making it possible for anyone to easily hack the target Facebook account without coding knowledge? They claim of the 98% success rate. We can’t guarantee it is a reliable method and you will have to visit this website & test it for yourself.

    Method 3: Hack Facebook Messages via catch Facebook Notification (only Android)Top 5 Facebook Hacker Programs for iPhone and Android Final ThoughtsVSCO 101: How to Publish Photos to All Your Social Media Accounts ATO crackdown hit list for IT contractors revealedHow to check Windows version (updated 2018)"Sometimes they work, sometimes they dont"

    Going pro

    Share music via Spotify

    The mix-tape might be dead, but that doesn't mean you should stop sharing music with your mates. If you log in to Spotify using Facebook, you'll find a Spotify app in messenger by hitting the plus symbol in a conversation.

    Tap it and you'll be offered your most recent songs, as well as a search tool to find just the song. Select one and it'll send a listenable Spotify link to the group, without leaving the app.

    Request an Uber

    A telling sign of the singular future of apps, it's now possible to order Ubers directly through the Messenger app - provided you're in the US.

    Simply hit the three dots by your text box when you're in a conversation, tap 'transportation' and either sign in or set up a new Uber account. Messenger will even let you tap an address mentioned in the conversation to order a cab directly, and will serve up notifications through Messenger.

    Send money to your mates

    This one's US-only, unfortunately, but should hopefully roll-out further afield soon - and, when it does, you'll be able to send and request cash to and from your Facebook Messenger contacts, including groups (so no more waiting endlessly for pint money).

    It's as easy as hitting the '$' symbol in the chat window and keying in the amount. Tap 'pay', add your card and it'll be pinged over - absolutely free. You'll need to add a card to receive cash, too, but it's all secured and protected by pin.

    Encrypt your chat

    Want to make sure the government isn't spying on your meme game? Like WhatsApp, Messenger provides the option to encypt your chat. It's not enabled by default, though, because it disables several chat options, including multi-device usage.

    To make your conversation seriously safe, hit the name of your chat buddy at the top of the screen and scroll down to 'secret conversation'. Tap 'OK' and your conversation will become encrypted end-to-end - and you'll even be able to set time limits so that messages disappear after a certain time. Very Mission Impossible.

    Change your number

    Changed your mobile number, want to use a different one or simply want to disassociate your digits from your Facebook account? Hit your profile icon in the corner, tap 'phone' and you'll be able to switch out your numbers from there.

    Keeping your number current means friends should find it easier to connect with you - and you can opt to get text updates, too.

    Make free calls over Wi-Fi

    Much like FaceTime or Google Hangouts, Messenger has in-built video and voice calling functionality. When you're connected to Wi-Fi, this means free Messenger-to-Messenger calling - regardless of whether your chat pal uses iOS or Android.

    Simply hit the 'calls' tab at the bottom and you'll be able give your friends a bell. There's even the option to start a group call, by hitting the little icon with three people next to 'new call'.

    One thing to be aware of, though, is that Messenger will switch to mobile data if Wi-Fi drops out - which could cost you.

    If calls aren't your thing, you can leave short voice messages for your mates instead. Simply tap the plus symbol while you're chatting, select 'voice' and hit the big red 'record' button.

    Share profile codes

    Met someone new and want to exchange deets? You could do the old 'search and add' routine through Facebook - or you could fire up Messenger, hit your profile icon in the corner then hit your picture again.

    That'll serve up a unique code, Snapchat style, that your new friend can scan with their smartphone to add you in a jiffy. Hit 'scan code' at the top and you can do the reverse, without even having to ask their name.

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