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How to use Spyzie to to spy on Verizon mobile text messages:

Generally, to use Spyzie, all you have to do is:

  1. Create an Account in Spyzie
  2. Enter the iCloud information about target iPhone or install Spyzie app on the target Android device.
  3. Once that is done, you can log into the control panel, and view the verizon text messages and other information.

Now let’s have a look at these steps as there is a slight difference in them for Android and iOS phones.

Step 1: Create an Account:

While registering , use a valid email address where all the login details will be sent along with a link to download the app. There are different prices for the different sets of services that might be suitable for you. Even though it is not free, the services that you will get are worth paying for. Creating an account is also important for accessing the control panel to view the information that you want.

Step 2: For Android devices - Installing the Spyzie app:

You now have to complete the set-up process. Ensure that the target phone is with you so that you can install the app and make the needful changes on it. Initially the Setup Wizard will ask you for the name of the owner of the monitored device. Then select Android as the OS of the phone.

Now what you have to do is select ‘Settings’ and then click on the ‘Lock Screen and Security’ Tab. Turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option and then choose ‘Ok’.

Now the app will have to be downloaded and installed. The downloading link might be given on the Setup page as well. Using the target phone go to that link and download the app. After that is done, you can find the APK file either in the ‘downloads’ folder or in the pop-up notifications window.

Now open the app, accept the User Agreement and sign into the Spyzie account. Click on ‘ Start ’ to activate and allow the permission request. The good news is that once the app is activated, the app icon will be erased and it will work secretly.

Step 3: For iOS devices - Inputting iCloud information:

We remember telling you that there is a slight difference in installing Spyzie on Android and iOS devices. In the set-up process, you will enter the name and other details of the owner of the monitored device and select iOS as the OS of the phone. Then you will have to verify the Cloud user ID and password that is used by the owner on it and get it verified. The iCloud backup and syncing features must be turned on.

Step 4: Using the control panel to view the data:

Now go back to your phone and complete the set-up on it. You will see the control panel on your phone. If you access the panel for the first time, it will take some time to show you all the data that you want. You can also download the control panel app from the link sent to the registered email or access it online. You will find some other supporting features in the function menu as well. To get the latest data from the monitored smartphone, click the ‘Refresh’ button. However, if that phone is switched off or not connected to the Internet, you will not get the latest text messages and other details.

That's all about how to spy on verizon text messages . Many of us use technology for basic functions like sending emails but don’t know how to spy on Verizon text messages and get other sensitive information from someone else’s smartphone. Hopefully, Spyzie has solved that problem of yours.

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  • Send and receive text messages through your phone.
  • View a history of all sent text messages.
  • View an inbox of all received text messages.
  • Account registration and phone number verification required.

8. Send Anonymous SMS


  • Spoof your sending number to trick the recipient.
  • No registration necessary.


  • No limit to how many text messages you can send.
  • 145 total characters per message.

Regional Availability

  • 214 worldwide countries and territories, including the U.S. and Canada.

Read Someones Text Messages Without Installing Software on Their Phone

It is possible to hack someone else’s phone without even touching it. You don’t even need to buy special software to hack someone else’s phone and other mobile devices he uses. There are web-services available that give users full access to the messages of another cell phone owner, without their knowledge or permission. An example of a web-based spy service is . Using this platform, you could hack another phone quickly with no technical know-how, and no software or app installation.

However, this service only allows users to retrieve up to a hundred messages, and users are advised that it is a violation of privacy to hacking someone’s phone. You should know that choosing to use software, apps or spy services without their knowledge, to violate someone else’s privacy may be subject to criminal prosecution. In your case, it may be far better to resolve this matter face-to-face.

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