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Dealing with a data cap? Tired of getting dinged for busting through it? Learn how to identify the hogs on your network and how to make sure your ISP is delivering everything you’re paying for.20 May 2013 - 4 min - Uploaded by GSM-ABCYou can also try dr.fone - rogers home monitoring android app Android Lock Screen Removal to bypass .. HARD RESET and will ..Saving Persistent State

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Best apps for monitoring system performance on your Android device

Authored by: Kris Carlon Jan 12, 2015

If you're the kind of Android lover that needs to know absolutely everything about the performance of your Android device then you probably want to monitor your device's performance in real-time. Luckily we've listed the best apps that let you do just this, so you can identify problematic WiFi connections, power hungry apps, irregular CPU behavior or background processes that are sucking up your data allowance and chewing your battery. Here's how to monitor the system performance of your Android phone or tablet.

  • How to stop Android apps running in the background
  • Best Android apps : the essential apps for your phone or tablet in 2015
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    Additional Function Which You Get Using Facebook Spyware

    • Tracking incoming and outgoing phone calls;
    • Spying on media files (pictures, sounds, music, video files).
    • Monitoring GPS location of the target device.
    • Spying on SMS messages, chats on other messengers and social media accounts besides Facebook, etc.

    OnWindowStartingActionModeMobile phone Tracking ConsiderationsRogers Smart Home Monitoring - Apps on Google Play Tracing Cell Phone Calls Canada Free Monitoring - Monitor network activity in Android Phones - Stack ..Rogers Smart Home Monitoring APK Download - Free Tools APP for ..10 Comments


    added in API level 1

    public void startActivityForResult ( Intent intent, int requestCode)

    Same as calling startActivityForResult(Intent, int, Bundle) with no options.

    intent Intent: The intent to start.

    requestCode int: If >= 0, this code will be returned in onActivityResult() when the activity exits.


    See also:

    • startActivity(Intent)


    So that was how you can monitor all the active network connections on your Android in real-time. The app is pretty basic at the moment, but there is a good room for more features. For instance, one feature that I would recommend is the ability to automatically block malicious activity by an app (like a firewall). The developer can make a list of all the malicious IPs and then if any app tries to connect to it, it just warns the user and terminates the connection.

    Any other feature comes to your mind? How do you like the app  in its current form? Does it look useful to you?

    Last updated on 8 Feb, 2018

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    Did You Know

    Whatsapp is one of the most downloaded Android apps.

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