Se Puede Instalar Un Keylogger En Un Celular Android

Difference Between Free and Premium Spy Apps¿Cómo Instalar se puede instalar un keylogger en un celular android Keylogger Remotamente en Android?Related Posts

The One Spy

The One Spy is an app with a number of features. It is unique apart from other mobile spy software for cell phones. The app has a demo version.

That mobile phone tracking software costs per month, per 3 months and per 6 months for Mac. /1month, /3months and / 12months for Windows. Basic (Lite) version for Android costs /1month, /3 months, /6months, 140/12months.

Call recorder & contact manager . A caring parent can remove any suspicious contacts or listen to each call with the help of this cell phone spy without access to the target phone.

Full GPS tracker to help find a child. Watch the child from any point in the world to avoid him/her from getting into trouble.

Windows keylogger Sphyrix vous pourrez enregistrer tous ce qui se passe sur votre ordinateur au niveau des touches de frappe et vous pourrez aussi enregistrer des screenshot de vos écran par la meme occassion et biensur le logiciel peut etre en mode discret pour etre indetectable.▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬LIEN VIDEO▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Lien téléchargement : Meilleur keylogger : ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬NOUS REJOINDRE▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬→ Site internet :→ Site web tutoriel :→ Facebook :→ Twitter :!/netartmix▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬AIDEZ-NOUS▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬→ Merci de m'avoir regardé !→ Partagez la vidéo sur votre chaine !→ N'oubliez pas de vous abonner pour de nouveaux tutoriels.→ Cliquez sur j'aime si vous avez aimé la vidéo et n'hésitez pas à commenter.→ Demandez des tutoriels n' hésitez pas !→ Signalez si les liens qui sont indisponible▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Description autre langue▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Windows-Keylogger können Sie sich alles, was auf Ihrem Computer geschieht auf der Ebene der Tastenanschläge und man kann auch den Screenshot von Ihrem Bildschirm von der gleichen Anlass und natürlich kann die Software diskrete befinden, um nicht nachweisbar.Windows keylogger you can log everything that happens on your computer at the level of keystrokes and you can also save the screenshot of your screen by the same occassion and of course the software can be discrete mode to be undetectable.ويندوز كلوغر يمكنك تسجيل الدخول كل ما يحدث على الكمبيوتر على مستوى ضربات المفاتيح، ويمكنك أيضا حفظ قطة من الشاشة من قبل تحصى نفسه، وبالطبع البرنامج يمكن أن تكون طريقة منفصلة لتكون غير قابلة للكشف.窗口键盘记录器可以记录一切发生在您的计算机在击键水平和你还可以保存由同一occassion的屏幕截图和软件当然可以是离散的模式是不到。Keylogger των Windows, μπορείτε να παρακολουθείτε οτιδήποτε συμβαίνει στον υπολογιστή σας στο επίπεδο των πλήκτρων και μπορείτε επίσης να αποθηκεύσετε το στιγμιότυπο της οθόνης σας από την ίδια περίσταση και φυσικά το λογισμικό μπορεί να είναι διακριτή λειτουργία να μην είναι ανιχνεύσιμα.Keylogger di Windows è possibile registrare tutto ciò che accade sul vostro computer a livello di battute ed è anche possibile salvare lo screenshot del tuo schermo dal occassion stesso e naturalmente il software può essere la modalità discreta per essere rilevabile.Janelas keylogger você pode registrar tudo que acontece no seu computador a nível de teclas e você também pode salvar a imagem de sua tela por ocasião do mesmo e, claro, o software pode ser o modo discreto de ser detectada.Windows, клавиатурных шпионов можно войти все, что происходит на вашем компьютере на уровне нажатия клавиш и вы также можете сохранить скриншот экрана одним и тем же отдельных случаях и, конечно, программное обеспечение может быть дискретной, что невозможно обнаружить.ของ Windows keylogger คุณสามารถเข้าสู่ระบบทุกอย่างที่เกิดขึ้นในคอมพิวเตอร์ของคุณในระดับของการกดแป้นพิมพ์และคุณยังสามารถบันทึกภาพของหน้าจอของคุณโดยโอกาสเดียวกันและแน่นอนซอฟต์แวร์ที่สามารถเป็นโหมดที่ไม่ต่อเนื่องจะเป็น undetectable

Keylogger Logger Android 01net! Top Best New iPhone Tracking Application remote installation. 3 minute Setup and Try to use! How To: Noob's Introductory Guide to Hacking: Where to Get Started?COMO INSTALAR UN KEYLOGGER REMOTO a UN CELULAR .. Keylogger Logger Android 01net - In this article we will tell you how to access android phone remotely


  1. David Galaxia 21 de junio de 2017, 10:17

    Tienes que volver a iniciarlo en caso de que no se inicie solo! También tienes que darle los permisos root y si tu administrador de permisos te bloquea la app tienes que darle permisos manuales! Saludos cualquier duda por aquí estamos ;)

  2. Responder

Desactiva el antivirus para que no lo dectete. Descarga :

  • Keylogging: iKeyMonitor stores up all the data regarding the keystrokes and passwords and even pasted texts in a clipboard. So you can always find out what the target individual is typing. As such you can find out all their messages, and better yet, you can also find out about their passwords!
  • Access Social Media : Since you have access to all the passwords thanks to the keylogger tool, you can access apps such as Hangouts, Instagram, Kik, Viber, Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, or all other social media as well. You can even access their eMails.
  • SMS and Call Logs : This is a fairly common feature in all spy and keylogger Android You can view all messages sent and received, and you even get call logs. However, iKeyMonitor also records the calls so you can hear them later or use them as evidence.
  • Demo : They offer a free online demo so you know what the interface is like before purchasing it.
  • Android keylogger possible without root : You don’t have to root the target Android if you want to use the keylogger for the following languages – EN, DE, FR, IT, RU, ES, and PT. However, if you want to use keylogger Android for any other language, then you’ll need to perform a rooting.
  • Invisible : iKeyMonitor works entirely in the background so that the target Android user will not become aware of the fact that they are being spied on. The app hides on start-up itself, it’s hidden from settings as well, and it also hides any rooting information.

New Airport 3D Scanners Will Let You Leave Your Laptop And iPad In Your Hand Luggage

July 26th, 2018 | Oliver Haslam
  • Top 10 Best Free Keylogger Software to Monitor Keystrokes in Windows

    Raymond Updated 2 years ago Software 56 Comments

    A keylogger can be either a piece of software or a small hardware device that is used to capture the keystrokes that are typed on the keyboard. The hardware based keylogger can be easily detected because the physical device needs to be connected in between the keyboard and the USB/PS2 port. However, as for a software keylogger, it can be run while being completely invisible and not get noticed by average computer users. They’ll have to fully depend on security software such as anti-keyloggers or antivirus packages to tell them that a keylogger is present on the system, or else they have no idea that everything that they do on the computer is being monitored.

    There are many legitimate uses for a keylogger such as monitoring your children, making sure that they stay safe on the Internet especially when chatting and making friends with strangers. Or maybe even monitoring your employees making sure that they do not copy or leak out any confidential files. However it can also be used for illegal purposes such as stealing your friend’s password and etc.

    There are many software based keyloggers found on the Internet, some are freeware while others are shareware that require a paid license to use. Generally speaking, a shareware version of a keylogger normally has better invisibility to prevent being detected by advanced users, maybe security software and also has more features. As for the free keyloggers, they are often very limited in functionality and stealthiness. After testing nearly 2 dozen free keyloggers, we’ve picked what we thought were the best and sorted them into a top 10. 10. Free Keylogger

    It is able to log keystrokes, clipboard data and site addresses without the screen capture which is fine for people who don’t want to capture screenshots. There are a couple of invisibility settings such as the hidden mode hotkey (default Ctrl+Shift+Alt+U), removing shortcuts from start menu and uninstall list.

    Ironically the most downloaded keylogging tool from CNET barely made it to this top 10 list because the most important stealth feature which is starting the program in hidden mode is disabled in the free version. You can set it to automatically start the program with Windows but it will show a tray icon at notification area and anyone can access to it because there is no password protection feature. You can however manually hide it by clicking the “Apply & Spy” button to keep it running as invisible until the next reboot.

    Download Free Keylogger

    9. REFOG Free Keylogger

    REFOG is a very popular company that offers a range of keyloggers catering for home, business and corporate use but unfortunately the free version is very basic as most of the important features have been disabled. The free version of REFOG keylogger can only monitor keystrokes, visited websites, clipboard, ran programs and computer activities.

    The biggest drawback would be the inability to run totally invisible because it shows a noticeable tray icon in the notification area and fortunately the program can at least be password protected. We also found out how to  remove the full version of REFOG Keylogger , which turns out to be quite easy.

    Download REFOG Free Keylolgger

    8. DanuSoft Free Keylogger

    DanuSoft is a simple and easy to use free tool to capture keystrokes. The only way to hide and unhide the program is by typing a chosen keyword, for example the default hide keylogger keyword is “HIDEKEY” while to show is “SHOWKEY”. You can configure DanuSoft to automatically run as stealth during system startup from the Startup settings tab.

    It doesn’t have the ability to protect the program by setting a password, although it runs as invisible in Windows but not in task manager or explorer. This author of this keylogger seems to have abandon this project because it is not found on the official DanuSoft’s website but can still be downloaded from CNET.

    Download DanuSoft Free Keylogger

    7. Real Free Keylogger

    After installing Real Free Keylogger to log the keystrokes, running it the first time will prompt you to set a password to protect the program so that only you can access the settings and view the logs. You can set a hotkey (default Ctrl+Alt+X) to launch the program when it is running in stealth mode. It comes with a scheduler to automatically start logging and the log files can be exported as a HTML file.

    The program folder is set as system attribute and is only visible when the Hide protected operating system files is unchecked in Folder Options.

    Download Real Free Keylogger

    6. Revealer Keylogger Free

    Revealer Keylogger Free is the second most downloaded monitoring tool in CNET After testing, we found that it is very responsive and light on system usage. It can record keystroke, has multiple language support, startup settings, ability to run with elevated privileges, hotkey support (default Ctrl+Alt+F9) and automatic log cleanup. Screenshot capture, automated delivery options and additional stealth features are disabled.

    The program can be protected with a password, and is invisible in the taskbar and in add/remove programs. To uninstall, you can do it by running the program, click on the question mark icon at the top right, go to Program end and select Uninstall. Pay attention during the installation because it prompts to install adware.

    Download Revealer Keylogger Free

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    56 Comments - Write a Comment

    1. RiffRaff 5 months ago

      “iSam is the free keylogger” No, its not! It is free for 3 Days! It is not free software

      • HAL9000 5 months ago

        It was free when the article was written…

    2. Alex 5 months ago

      I recommend Perfect Keylogger Lite as well

      • Saul 2 months ago

        All are detectable by the antivurs, I recommend Spia Net Screen that until the moment is undetectable

    3. Shirley 6 months ago

      I just need to know which keys are used the most when I clean the keyboard (tiny alcohol prep pads- don’t want to waste them on unused keys)…maybe a uv light or something.

    4. John G 7 months ago

      Do any of these detect the virtual keyboard in windows?

    5. Daniel Gordon 10 months ago

      Do any of these keyloggers report *how long* a key was pressed (in milliseconds)? I would like to see how long my keypresses vary from key to key. Example: I press ‘j’ for an average of 150ms, but I press ‘i’ for an average of 210ms.

      • Edward Kenway 9 months ago

        May you can use this code for each key. And run while your computer is on.

        But to do that well, you would need an specific device. It is very difficult to measure the time you are pressing a key just by software, because this data is no relevant for keyboard function, just to repeat a key, so the interval measured is much longer than 1 milisecond.

        However you can install an electronic signal capturer between your keyboard and your computer in order to get all electronic signals and sending time.

    6. Aram 10 months ago

      Are any of them runable with startup, aside being invisible ?

    7. JO 11 months ago

      Well, would this record the typed in passwords in chrome or any other browser? I don’t think so

      • HAL9000 11 months ago

        Why don’t you think so? These are keyloggers so if you type something into a browser, they will record it.

        • Jo 9 months ago

          But in the password box?

          • HAL9000 9 months ago

            Yes, a keylogger can detect what is written in the browser password box.

    8. Joost 1 year ago

      Flogger is password protected to hide the virus inside!

      • HAL9000 1 year ago

        It’s a keylogger, do you think antivirus software is always going to ignore software like this?

        Even though it is a keylogger, VirusTotal gives this a detection score of 8/63, and 7 of those are just guesses and not actual “detections”.

    9. Dee 1 year ago

      i have an employee who consistently does not listen to me asking her to not run chat or live stream videos on her computer. She is now on our computer that has our financials on there; and I caught her again with live streaming on when I walked in. Im going to go over our employee handbook again, make her SIGN EACH paragraph and then put this on here. We’re a small non-profit, and to lose our financials would be the end of us. Yes, I do backup; but still – there’s no need for her to continue this. (I have to have solid proof of her continual lack of performing duties in order to bring this before my board for dismissal. Sad fact.)

      Do these keyloggers show when the computer is turned on and when it goes dormant for a while (20 mins?) it shows computer closed? She comes in late when she knows im out and then fibs about it.) sigh…

      • Sack her 1 year ago

        Seems like your employee can’t follow simple instructions on the proper use of company equipment. You’ve advised her about it – I’d say it’s time to start looking for a replacement. Bonus points if you can get her to train the replacement.

      • peasant B 1 year ago

        instead of using key logger, might as well control your internet trafficking from the router; way more effeicent to monitor and block anything that’s internet related :P

      • hiattech 1 year ago

        Agreed on the filtering by router/firewall. Disable the ability to do live streaming amongst other things. If that can’t be done, what other things aren’t secure there?

    10. Zjoerdjuhh 1 year ago

      how do i shut off actual keylogger if i would run it accidently

    11. nadjib labed 2 years ago

      is that keylogger able to monitoring remote pc activities and how do we need to send a remote file ?

      • Singh 2 years ago

        keys send to your emails which you enter in applicaton which you use

    12. Clive 2 years ago

      The best use for a keylogger, IMO, is to log your session, so if there are any file problems, you can recover all the text that you wrote.

    13. GT 2 years ago

      I am looking for a Keylogger software (either free or paid) to mainly monitor and record the emails sent and received by the employees (Online Activities) in the company I am working for it. Can anyone advise what is the best application to be used for that purpose? Thank you.

      • Shaun O'Connor 2 years ago

        You do not need a keylogger for that. You just need to be admin for you email server.

        Have all emails copied to an external account that only you have access to.

        Monitoring emails is legitimate if you have a policy (signed) by employees that states you will monitor email and browsing use. Using a keylogger is not, and I would imagine if found out you’d get some very annoyed employees who would be looking to leave very quickly and do so via a tribunal.

    14. Noll 3 years ago

      G³ iSam. License: “Free to try for 3 days! It is currently .40 to purchase which comes with a lifetime membership and 3 floating licenses or keys that can each be updated for free for life.” “Although the program is hidden when running, it shows up in task manager, program’s folder and uninstaller list.” Very bad.

    15. Rodrigo 3 years ago

      Excelente el Key, me funcionó inmediatamente

    16. Clooa 3 years ago

      WOw, this article may do me a great favor.

    17. prashanth 3 years ago

      hi i want install a keylogger in my office system but it is strickly asking UAC admin password to install the software so how can i install i tried all portable applications i want keylogger start at windows start in system but portable keyloggers are not working at windows start is there any software without install and get good monitoring for system

      • Julian Baker 3 years ago

        Download it at a home computer and put it on a flashdrive, sd card, or a cloud system like google drive. Then just retreave it at work, boom. That simple! Hope that helps

    18. ken 3 years ago

      I’m using best free keylogger. good enough for me.

      • neoa 3 years ago

        yup it’s a nice app.

    19. amalu 4 years ago

      which of these keyloggers can be used to detect windows login password

      • George 3 years ago

        Any of these work, if the computer just booted up then no, you have to run the program first. But if it asks for an admin password ( Such as updating Java or Adobe Flash Player ) than yes, it will record the data.


        Stop trying to steal your moms admin password to your family desktop ;)

    20. Bijay 4 years ago

      which key logger provides us to send information via email so that i can monitor from anywhere plz name it and it should be free

    21. Taylor 4 years ago

      I used NetBull keylogger recently and I must say it’s very good. Raymond, I suggest you test NetBull, it would be a good add-on to your list.

    22. Kev 4 years ago

      Spytector and Netbull are undetectable by most antivirus software. So you don’t have to turn your virus protection off :)

    23. Traveler 4 years ago

      I have to use the Actual Keylogger on my computer. Is it 100% safe? I’m afraid that he’ll send my logs to the people who can misuse them.

    24. BboyWockxa 4 years ago


      Im using Spyrix

    25. Jacky100 4 years ago

      Grreat and very informative about the most valuable keyloggers. I use Spyrix keylogger. Spyrix provides free keylogger software which is helpful for monitoring your children, spouse, employees in company….

    26. mira 4 years ago


      Nowdays people open their email through smart phone. If i want to purchase an keylogger to crack an yahoo password and i dont have any physical access to it, if the device is smart phone. Will it success?

      Can you suggest the best keylogger to this situation.

      • Christi 3 years ago

        Hi, do you have any suggestions that will work on smart phones? Looking for an App that is free, hidden and will work just like some of these keyloggers. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you.

    27. james 4 years ago

      Great list! I’m using revealer free keylogger. It’s perfect!

    28. Jonathan 5 years ago

      Thank you for the post about the top 10 keyloggers, Is it undetectable? and can it be attached to link & send it to email?

    29. LK 5 years ago

      I was just wondering if there is malware in the actual keylogger . My antivirus keeps popping up and I realize that the keylogger is spy ware. I just don’t want any other malware added at the same time since I will have to give it permission to run.

      • HAL9000 5 years ago

        Which keylogger are you talking about? Most antivirus software will complain when you install a keylogger on purpose because of what it does and the methods it uses to achieve the keylogging.

      • DM 4 years ago

        keylogger is a type of virus but (depending on which one u get) it wont do anything to harm your computer. all you need to do is turn your virus protection off>> install logger >> then turn it back on

    30. kukuri 5 years ago

      Thx a lot good work keep going

    31. wilbert14 5 years ago

      a millon thanks raymond for your support

    32. Nidaa Al Geber 5 years ago

      Many Thanks for these wonderful e-mails you sent Raymond all the best…

    33. Walid Saad 5 years ago

      thanks good keyloggers

    34. paiez 6 years ago

      good one.. thx raymond….

    35. luxtenlove 6 years ago


    36. DINO 6 years ago

      thx raymond!

    37. Prashanth 6 years ago

      Thanks Raymond. Good one.

      • pooja 8 months ago

        thanx Raymond… same with you….


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