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ThebluebumblebeeKnowing when things break is good. Knowing before they break is secret way to monitor someone by smartphone free even better.

Xnore Spy App to secret way to monitor someone by smartphone free monitor cell phone activity remotely. .. Xnore spy app free trial .. panel and 24/7 live customer support make us the best solution for keeping ..Top 10 Free Monitoring Application to Hack Someone's Apple ..Protect Children

  • Secret Call.
  • The terrific part is that they are offering it for free – you can enjoy the immediate response from support team through email or live assistance. The answer:
  • This is mostly developed and introduced with all the advanced and updated features.
  • You can login to your account from any web browser to view logs.

Monitor your internet connection and get actionable information

Whether for our homes or small businesses, there has been no way for us to continuously  and independently monitor the quality of our internet connection and connected devices.So we built monitor-io.

It's easy to use, takes less than a minute to install, and lets beginners and experts troubleshoot with ease. The information tracked will allow you to quickly diagnose any problems you may have and give you the "right" data for your internet service provider. 

After two years of development and months of closed beta testing, we're very excited and ready to ship our first batch of product!

Your privacy is extremely important to us. All our measurements are done without accessing any of your personal information or data. Our privacy policy may be found here .

Messages Monitoring How Can I Track My Son by His Cell Phone Best Parental & Employee Monitoring Software. Xnore Spy App Remotely Tracks SMS, Calls, Location, Chats and more.Here are the best Profesional quality Android Spy Apps you can buy right nowStealth mode allows you to hide the Webcam Surveyor on your computer and control it by hotkeys. It allows to record video at the presence of undesirable .. SpyHuman Monitoring App6. Capsa FreeSee how it works

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No-one wants to lose their mobile phone - especially a top-end handset like the Samsung Galaxy S3. By downloading a simple free apps in the event you do lose your Galaxy S3, it's fairly simple to track. Read more on Recombu Mobile:

Best Cell Phone Tracking Remove Battery


Monitor cell phone activity with top spy phone software. Thereby enabling efficient cell phone monitoring. (C) Any person who has received, by any means authorized by this chapter, or by the laws of any other state or the United States, any information concerning a wire, oral, or electronic communication or evidence derived from it, intercepted in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, may disclose the contents of that communication or the derivative evidence while giving testimony under oath or affirmation in any criminal proceeding in any court of the State or of the United States or in any grand jury proceedings.

Use this mobile phone tracker to see where your partner is!. When people first discover these monitoring programs they wonder how they can be legal. Planting disinformation is a real good idea because there is no way you can tell who put spyware on your cell phone, unless they run off with the disinformation you talked about on your phone. If youre already logged into an email address, you will most likely still have to enter your password.

Also check out our updated Legal Notice. Making it even harder for her to get a job. If youre totally new to spy software, I recommend you check out a couple of my reviews. Best cell phone spy software to keep your business and family safe.

7. Do you deliver on weekends? There are ways to bypass passwords on most devices – Google is your friend.

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Monitor.Us is a simple to use, no frills monitoring tool that allows you to monitor both your server, and your web sites. Setting up websites with simple server monitoring tools like ping is extremely simple to do. More in-depth server monitoring set ups for processes like CPU, RAM, and disk utilisation can be a little tricky. So make sure you’re comfortable with using the command line interface (CLI) before giving this a try.

With the free account, there are no limitations as to how many websites and servers you can monitor. However, it will only poll your servers and web sites once every 30 minutes; and it will only keep 24 hours worth of stats.

But for a month, you can upgrade, and have your servers/websites polled as often as once a minute. It will also save a whopping 2 years of stats. is a really great tool if you have the technical knowledge to setup the application on your server via the CLI, but even if you don’t, it can be easily setup to carry out some simple monitoring without you going near the CLI. also has a suite of mobile apps that help you keep an eye while on the move.

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Web Server Monitoring

Applications Manager provides in-depth availability and performance monitoring of any web server application.

The Web server monitoring feature enables performance management by monitoring the response time of the application and updates the status based on a given threshold and also provides comprehensive management reports.

It also ensures availability through automated event escalation via email, SMS etc. and helps taking corrective action by executing user scripts that can help then help, restart a service etc.

Out of box support is provided for :

  • Apache Monitoring
  • IIS Monitoring

The components that are monitored in web server:

Availability Gives the availability of the web server
Response Time Gives the response time of the web Server

Web server Monitoring Capabilities

  • Out-of-the-box management of Web servers.
  • Monitors performance statistics such as Availability and Response time.
  • Based on the thresholds configured, notifications and alarms are generated if the web server or any specified attribute within the system has problems. Actions are executed automatically based on configurations.
  • Performance graphs and reports are available instantly. Reports can be grouped and displayed based on availability, and connection time.
  • Delivers both historical and current web server performance metrics, delivering insight into the performance over a period of time.

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Top 5 Free Spy App to Spy on Phone

  1. Keylogger Logger for Android GhostHow to Track a Cell Phone Location without Installing Software?
  2. Let our monitoring software keep an eye on your web servers. Use the time you will save to focus on everyday tasks.
  3. Tracking Cell Phone Call Logs
  4. Choose your Plan and start monitoring NowBlackberry apps to Samsung Galaxy S3 apps?

In defense of notches everywhere: the best design possible right nowPick a locationBilling and Payments New Spying App That Can Track Another Mobile Phone There’s no need to change.protected by Community ♦ Nov 25 '15 at 15:32Save Money with Cheap Video Surveillance Cam Software that Will Spy on Everybody! Best Cell Phone Tracking Remove Battery - London Youth ChoirDON'T MISS

  • Product
    • PRTG Network Monitor
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      Cloud Baby Monitor


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      Best Spy App for Androids & iPhones

      Regardless of whether your target uses an Android or Apple device, mSpy has you covered.  ​It offers all of the basic features including monitoring text messages, instant messages, contacts, call logs, and pinpointing the phone's GPS location.  mSpy also offers some extras that you won't find anywhere else.

      Powerful Features Offered by mSpy


      This particular function is very clever.  Not only is this app a great tracker when you want to know they're current location, but by using your control panel you can setup zones that are considered safe or unsafe.  The software tracks when the phone enters or leaves one of these areas you are immediately notified. 

      Let's say you want to track your child's activity throughout the day.  Simply setup a safe zone around your home and their school.  Any time they leave one of these designated "safe zones" you'll be notified immediately.  This same technology can be used to monitor the activity of an employee (or a spouse if you're so inclined).

      Keylogging Tracker

      The keylogging feature from mSpy allows you to capture all keystrokes from the target phone.  From here you can see what's being typed in various apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype.  It also allows you capture internet searches, usernames, and passwords. 

      Control Access to Apps and Websites

      Another great feature of the mSpy spyware is it's ability to block specific applications and websites from being accessed.  You specify the apps that are blocked and the user will be unable to open them on their phone.  The same goes for websites you deem inappropriate.

      App Activity Tracker

      If you're willing to go through the trouble of jailbreaking the target phone mSpy allows for very nearly complete access to everything on the phone.  This includes popular social media apps like Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Tinder, and Telegram.  This means no matter how the user chooses to message, you'll be able to monitor it closely.

      Customer Support

      When it comes to anything technical solid customer support is a must.  As you'll see in our reviews of other apps the functionality of each of these differ only slightly.  What separates mSpy from the others is their highly intuitive interface and their 24/7 customer support.  Yes you pay more to get this level of service, but if you don't enjoy troubleshooting technical issues this can be a Godsend.

      Works with iPhones and Androids

      Many spy software packages work with only one operating system or another.  mSpy can work with both.  Even if you're looking to monitor both an iPhone and and Android device they've got you covered.  You can quickly switch between phones in your control panel.

      3 Available Software Packages

      mSpy offers 3 different pricing structures based on the features you need.  Here's a quick rundown of what you'll get with each.

      No Jailbreak Tracker Package:  can be installed without jailbreaking the device.   In fact you don't even need physical access to the device if you have the user's iCloud credentials and the phone is setup to perform regular backups.  The mSpy software will simply extract all of the necessary data from the phone's iCloud account and post it to your dashboard to view at your convenience.

      As Low As


      While it is the most convenient in terms of installation, the no-jailbreak package offers the fewest capabilities in terms of tracking the phone.  Here's what you get.

      • Text messages
      • WhatsApp
      • iMessage
      • Call history & contact list
      • Calendar, notes, & tasks
      • Installed applications
      • Website history
      • 24/7 chat and email support

      What you wont get is access to Geo-fencing, apps like Snapchat, Tinder, or Line, keylogging features, or GPS tracking.

      Basic Tracker Package:  available with or without jailbreaking the phone.  The Basic package offers many of the same capabilities as the no-jailbreak package. 

      That said the functionality increases dramatically if you're willing to jailbreak the device. 

      As Low As


      You can either do this yourself or you can have a technician at mSpy do it for you remotely for a small additional fee.  Either way you will need to have physical access to the phone.  In addition to the features in the no-jailbreak package you'll get the following features.

      • Keyword alerts
      • Email
      • Browser bookmarks
      • Photos and videos
      • GPS Location
      • Uninstall alerts
      • Installation help
      • 24/7 email support

      Premium Tracker Package:  the Premium package basically offers you full access to everything on the phone from your dashboard.  Getting the full feature set from the Premium package does require jailbreaking the device.  As with the basic package you can do this yourself or have an mSpy tech do it for your remotely.

      As Low As


      Quick video highlighting installation of this tracker app on an iOS device.

      This does require having physical access to the target device.  In addition to the features of the basic and no-jailbreak package you'll get the following functionality.

      • Geo-fencing
      • Keylogging
      • App & website blocking
      • Incoming call block
      • Remote device lock & wipe
      • Remote device lock & wipe
      • Snapchat, Tinder, Line, Skype , Telegram, Viber, & Hangouts
      • Facebook Messenger
      • 24/7 chat & email support

      Try Before You Buy

      mSpy wants you to be completely comfortable with their product before you make your purchase.  They offer a full demo on their website that allows you to see exactly how their tracker app works.  Check it out yourself by going to their website


      • No Jailbreak required
      • great feature set
      • intuitive dashboard
      • excellent customer support


      • higher priced
      • No-jailbreak version requires iCloud credentials

      Final Thoughts

      mSpy is far and away our favorite spy software of the group.  It offers both a non-jailbreak and jailbreak version, simple installation, intuitive control panel, and very competitive pricing. 

      While it's feature set for non-jailbroken phones is somewhat limited, the full version offers everything you could possibly want.  GPS tracking, monitoring of SMS messages and all the popular social chat apps. 

      While it doesn't offer some of the advanced features of our 2nd choice (call intercept or call recording), this spyware offers the best value overall.

      Or check out our in-depth analysis of mSpy

      #2 - FlexiSPY - Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

      FlexiSPY is another popular option in the cell phone spy program market.  This app offers all of the features of mSpy as well as a few incredibly powerful features not offered by any other software out there. 

      They've been around since 2005 and in that time have set the bar in terms of advanced monitoring and tracking capabilities.

      Most Powerful iPhone and Android Tracker

      The app will work on a wide variety of phones including the Android, iPhone, iPad, Nokia Symbian, and the Blackberry .  While it is undoubtedly the most powerful app we've covered it is more appropriate for those who are technically savvy.

      As with mSpy you'll have the option of either jailbreaking (or rooting in the case of Androids) the phone or not.  To get the advanced features of this cell phone monitoring software jailbreaking or rooting is required.  FlexiSPY also offers a service to jailbreak the device for you for an additional cost.

      Once jailbroken and installed this spyware app allows you to track and record activities such as text (SMS) messages, phone calls, voicemails, GPS location, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp messages, emails, all photos and videos (even within apps) contacts, and much more.

      All of these capabilities are pretty standard.  Where FleixSPY really shines is in it's advanced feature set.  In fact they read like a list of CIA or NSA hacks for phones that you read about in the news. 

      FlexiSPY Spy Software Advanced Feature Set

      Track and Intercept Calls

      The call intercept feature allows you to listen to incoming and outgoing calls as they happen.  From your dashboard you can setup notifications for calls coming from or going out to specific numbers. 

      Once the call is placed your phone will be notified and you will be patched in via 3-way calling.  Neither the user or the phone or the person they're talking with will be aware that you are listening in.  (You will want to mute your phone as your connection is truly that of a 3-way call)

      Record Phone Calls

      You can also have the app record all incoming and outgoing phone calls allowing you to review them at your convenience.  Each call is stored in your dashboard for easy access.  As with call intercept you can also specify contacts or numbers to automatically record.

      Ambient Listen Mode

      This handy feature allows you to discretely turn on the microphone of the phone allowing you to listen to the ambient surroundings of the phone.  You can either schedule the recordings based on specific times and have them recorded to your control panel or listen live. 

      Remote Camera Control

      This feature allows you to enable the camera whenever you like to take a picture of the phone's surroundings.  These pictures are then uploaded to your dashboard for viewing at your convenience.

      Additional Features​

      ​In addition to tracking messages from the largest number of apps FlexiSPY allows you to record and listen to VOIP calls from Skype, SnapChat, and other apps.  It also allows you to use FaceTime to monitor an iPad using the microphone and camera to see and hear all that is going on around the phone.  You can even use SMS text spoofing to send text messages on behalf of the target phone.

      Spy on Text Messages

      Spoofing of text messages allows you to send texts on behalf of the target phone and is a clever way to get additional information from contacts who will have no idea the text didn't originate from the owner of the phone.

      Spy on iPhones, Androids, Nokia, and Blackberrys

      In addition to offering the most powerful features, FlexiSPY also works on a wide range of devices.  Spying on iPhones, Androids, Nokia phones, and Blackberry's is all within this software's capabilities.

      The FlexiSPY spy software is available in two different packages:  Premium and Extreme.  Let's break down what you get in each package and it's cost.

      FlexiSPY Premium:  While you can use FlexiSPY without first jailbreaking or rooting the phone, to get the full functionality you should plan on performing this first step.  There are dozens of sites like this one that lead you through how this is done. 

      You can also pay an extra fee to have someone from FleixSPY do it for you remotely.

      As Low As


       For 12 mo

      The Premium package from FlexiSPY offers all of the functionality of mSPY including access to phone call logs, text (SMS) messages, Facebook Messenger, and videos and photos, and a long list of other chat and social media apps. 

      Extreme Package:  the Extreme package from FlexiSPY could be compared to the backdoor access the CIA and NSA supposedly have to our phones. 

      With this package you can track and record just about everything that happens on and around the phone.  It is ideal for those that are relatively tech savvy and want extremely detailed information.

      As Low As


       For 12 mo

      This includes the following:

      • Call interecept
      • Record incoming & outgoing calls
      • ambient listening mode
      • remote camera control
      • text spoofing


      • Allows access to just about everything
      • easy to use dashboard
      • invisible on target phone
      • excellent customer support


      • more expensive
      • requires rooting or jailbreaking

      Is FlexiSPY Right for You?

      If you're comfortable with technology and are willing to spend a bit more FlexiSPY is a great choice.  It will allow you to keep track of just about everything that happens on the target phone.  The Extreme package offers capabilities that are unmatched.

      Or check out our in-depth analysis of FlexiSPY

      #3 - Highster Mobile (Top Android Spy App)

      Highster Mobile Pro is geared towards monitoring the phones of your children or your employees.  Of course how you use this tracker tool is totally up to you. 

      It offers many of the same powerful features as the other apps we're covering.  But because of how easy it is to install and configure Highster is a good solution for those who aren't as technically savvy.  The interface and online dashboard capabilities are very similar to both mSpy and FlexiSPY, but it doesn't have some of their advanced capabilities.

      Cheapest Spyware Tracking App

      The Mobile Pro Edition from Highster is one of the best values on the market.  It doesn't have as many advanced features as mSpy or FlexiSPY, but it still offers some of the most important capabilities at a much lower price.  If you're looking for a budget tracker, the Highster Mobile pro product is a great choice.

      Features of Highster Mobile Pro

      GPS Tracking

      In real-time you can monitor the location of the target phone from your control panel.  The location of the device will be displayed on a map and is accurate to within 20 meters.

      Call Tracking

      From your control panel you'll be able to see a log of all incoming and outgoing calls.  This includes time and duration of the call. 

      Access Photos & Videos

      All photos and videos stored on the target phone will be available for you to view from your control panel.  This allows you to keep tabs on what pictures your kids are looking at and what sorts of videos they're sending and receiving.

      View Browsing History

      You'll be able to look at the browsing history of the target device.  This helps you keep tabs on what your kids or employees are looking at using their phones.  All of the data is stored remotely on Highster's servers so even if the browsing history of the phone is cleared, you'll still be able to access all the URLs.

      Social Media & App Tracking

      Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other popular social media apps are all popular ways for kids to communicate.  Highster allows you to track the usage of these apps as well as viewing the chats themselves.

      SMS Text Messages

      Like many of the apps in this comparison Highster also allows you to see a log of text messages from the target phone.  Even if the texts have been deleted on the phone you'll still have a record in your control panel.

      Phone Camera Control

      Want to literally see what's going on around the target phone?  Highster allows you to take pictures at any time and have them sent to your dashboard for viewing. 

      While mSpy and FlexiSPY offer the greatest amount of functionality, Highster is designed to be EXTREMELY user friendly.  It works well on wide variety of devices such as iPhones and Androids.  The installation and setup is hassle free. 

      On top of that they offer a one-time payment instead of monthly plans.  Yes, it is missing some of the advanced features like call intercept or ambient recording, but it is still a robust spy software package and is worth considering.

      Another nice feature that Highster offers is a support package.  For about you get telephone support.  This can be extremely helpful when technical difficulties come up.


      • Best pricing at lifetime
      • Phone technical support ()
      • Easy installation and setup
      • no jailbreak or root required


      • no call intercept
      • no ambient noise recording

      For more information and pricing check out

      You can also read our  in depth Highster Mobile review .

      4 - Mobile Spy

      The Mobile Spy phone tracker from Retina-X Studios is another innovative product for monitoring and tracking an iPhone or Android phone.  Like most of the spy software apps we've covered so far it gives you the ability to view text messages, call logs, social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp), photos and videos, GPS location, plus some impressive extras.

      This app is specifically designed for parents and employers to track everything happening on the phone of their choosing.  They have integrated multi-device support directly into the dashboard allowing you to quickly switch from one phone to the next.

      You'll want to verify the device you're looking to monitor is compatible.  This can be done quickly using the compatibility wizard on their website.  Once verified, installation and setup of this tracker app were both quick and painless.  While this phone tracker app will allow you to monitor a phone without permission, that is not it's INTENDED use. 

      Of course how you use it is up to you. 

      Start monitoring in minutes.Free Network Management Tools3.3.1 Spy Cell Phone Tracker Free Master The best dual SIM phonesExamples of numbers in International Phone Number FormatSophie Ang Rumored BlackBerry KEY2 Lite visits the FCCSee your baby sleeping soundly in the dark.Best Cell Phone Tracking Remove Battery - Life DeNTreat

      Intercepting My Text Messages

      Sign Up Newsletter Surest Way to Gps Hack An Phone Feeling hotRecent from Eric Ravenscraft

      Battery alertReal-Time GPS Tracking for Samsung Galaxy E7 Duos 14. Angry IP Scanner The Tracking App to Monitor Messages Lock Your Smartphone!Ambient Listen Modehow to track a galaxy s3 without app

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      3. All-In-One Server Monitoring Software PRTG - Paessler AG
      4. 23 Oct 2013 .. Monitoring your web server is critical for troubleshooting problems when they arise. There are a number of paid systems but these three free ..

      Gear S3 GPS tracking question (potentially really dumb, sorry)

      That's interesting. Are you on 3.0? My watchface looks like this below. I have to click the start button just to see the GPS icon and by then the stop watch is already running before a lock is set. Congrats, OP, I think you'll like it. Attached Thumbnails   Submit to XDA Portal Quick Reply Reply gpmg762 View Profile View Forum Posts 6th December 2017, 05:08 AM | #7   Senior Member Thanks Meter: 65   More 287 posts Join Date:Joined: May 2010 Less Quote: Originally Posted by jwrlaw

      That's interesting. Are you on 3.0? My watchface looks like this below. I have to click the start button just to see the GPS icon and by then the stop watch is already running before a lock is set. Congrats, OP, I think you'll like it.

      Yup, my Samsung Health version on my watch is 4.1.3600. Attached Thumbnails   Submit to XDA Portal Quick Reply Reply Mad_Teo View Profile View Forum Posts 6th December 2017, 05:42 AM | #8   Junior Member Thanks Meter: 0   More 9 posts Join Date:Joined: Nov 2017 Less For instance you can use run4gear, it's full of features and can sync with runtastic, endomondo, mapmyrun and runkeeper and now it's free. If you want to know more Submit to XDA Portal Quick Reply Reply jwrlaw View Profile View Forum Posts 6th December 2017, 02:41 PM | #9   Junior Member Thanks Meter: 4   More 28 posts Join Date:Joined: Dec 2012 Less Quote: Originally Posted by gpmg762

      Yup, my Samsung Health version on my watch is 4.1.3600.

      Quote: Originally Posted by Mad_Teo

      For instance you can use run4gear, it's full of features and can sync with runtastic, endomondo, mapmyrun and runkeeper and now it's free. If you want to know more

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