Top 7 Free Bluetooth Tracking Software for Your Cell Phone

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  1. From the Home screen, tap Find iPhone . If you don't see the Find iPhone app on the home screen, look in the Extras folder.
  2. Enter the Apple ID and password then tap Sign In
  3. If prompted, click Allow . The Find My iPhone app locates the device.
  4. In the My Devices list, the dot to the left of the device's name indicates it's status.
    • A blue or green dot indicates it's online
    • A gray dot indicates it's offline
  5. Tap a device that with an online status (blue/green dot indicator). The location of the device displays on the map.

12. Mosspaper

Mosspaper is a mobile-friendly quote and contract management system that offers small businesses a platform from which to create, sign, track and accept quotes and contracts. With paperless approvals, electronic signature capture, and payment integration, Mosspaper aims to deliver a simple quote and contract management solution.

Top features:

  • Centralised data management
  • Predictive data analytics
  • Invite and manage users
  • Simple payment process
  • E-signatures
  • Customer collaboration


What’s interesting about this tool: Besides quote and contract creation, Mosspaper allows users to track and manage contract payments. From Mosspaper’s centralised platform, users can send payment requests to customers, review outstanding balances, and collect payments. Through integration with Stripe, users can directly accept secure international payments. Mosspaper also enables users to gain business insight through predictive data analytics and an activity dashboard.

Pricing: Free and paid plans from /month. Free trial for 30 days.

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          Law enforcement automated data systems software that provides records creation and management for public safety and security agencies. Learn more about I/LEADS

          Law enforcement automated data systems software that provides records creation and management for public safety and security agencies. Learn more about I/LEADS

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          • How do the police track location via phone number or IMEI number without the use of any application installed on the user's cell phone?
          • What software does the police use to track cell phones?
          • Which software is used by the Indian police to detect a cell by IMEI/mobile number?
          • How do police track someone by their cell phone?
          • What's the name of the software with which we can call from other's mobile number using our mobile?
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          TSheets Time Tracker 4+

          Free Cell Phone Tracking Apps and Premium Apps That Are Currently Available

          If you are interested in learning how to do free phone tracking online, you should know a couple of things. The first is that there are several great apps that really are 100% free. There are also several apps that have a one time purchase price and some that charge a monthly subscription fee. For your convenience, I’ve complied a list of the applications that I have written reviews for on my site. Please note that each link will take you to an article that describes the particular app or service in much more detail. I’ve broken this list down into two sections. The first section lists the free apps and the second section lists the those that charge a fee.

          Be sure and check my website frequently because as new apps hit the market, I’ll be writing reviews on them and adding them to this list. My goal is to make my website your “one stop” resource on mobile phone tracking software and services and I’m working very hard to accomplish this goal.

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          Local police have cell site simulators

          Local Police -  Boston Police Department  (via Center for Human Rights and Privacy)


          No need to write on the keyboard! Writing texts much faster and easier by talking to the new DocClerk program that converts text files. Dictate your text on your cell phone , translate DocClerk and write your computer. Installation guidelines 1. Download and start DocClerk from your computer. 2. Download and launch the DocCkerk mobile application on your Android smartphone. (soon IOS…) 3. Enter the pairing code Enter the matching code shown in the application on your computer by going...

          1 Review Downloads: 1 This Week Last Update: 2017-08-08 See Project

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          Every cellphone itself registers its presence as it moves from cell to cell * The .. The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) passed in .. SMS Tracker Question In Hindi Urdu GPS tracking unit architecture

          App for Phone Tracking Verizon

          To anyone looking for a GPS cell phone tracker app that .. Free for the basic version and $3 for the premium .. Staff WizardWiFi Paddle Boat.

          Pint-sized browser for your Pocket PCLaw Enforcement RMS Topaz14. Odoo Secret Way to Monitor Stolen Android Phone Gps By Ora Technology

          Protect All of Your Devices with Unlimited Usage for One Low Monthly Fee!

          VitalSecurityVPN is Here! Available for IOS, Android, Windows and Mac

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