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Web-hosted time and attendance service that automates complex labor management. Learn more about Attendance on Demand

Web-hosted time and attendance service that automates complex labor management. Learn more about Attendance on Demand

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Remote usability testing

The first commercial product built on top of xLabs powerful SDK delivers a real time remote eye gaze tracking service via webcams. Currently in beta, the service will allow designers, product managers, researches and marketers direct access to how  real  users remotely view their designs and products. Cant wait for the public launch?

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Bottom Line

As you’ve probably noticed, answering the question of " how much data do I need " depends heavily on how you use your phone. As screen resolutions and network speeds increase, usage is going to continue trending upward.

If you avoid streaming, you can cram a ton of phone time into only 1GB of data. Just take advantage of data monitoring apps and adjust your usage if you find yourself nearing your monthly limit.

If you plan to stream video at all, 2GB or more is highly recommended. It only takes two cute cat videos on Facebook or YouTube a day to throw you over 1GB of data by the end of a month.

With the cost of mobile data, you might want to think twice before clicking play while out and about. After all, if you can wait until you’re on Wi-Fi, streaming could cost you nothing at all!

Looking for further ways to save data and reduce the costs of smartphone ownership? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to save on your monthly data plan!

The Verdict

While the free eye tracking software can be a fun experiment – and the feats they pull off are sometimes still impressive (particularly when constructed by small teams) – none are able to meet the requirements of eye trackers commonly used in work and research. Making discoveries, and uncovering results, requires that eye tracking is accurate, both in space and time.

It is due to these drawbacks that eye tracking software requires a certain amount of credibility – getting past peer-review to publish research will be an even more difficult process if the software itself isn’t widely recognized as leading to legitimate results.

A screenshot of GazePointer.

There is – as always – the potential for things to go wrong, and if you encounter any problems while figuring the software out, it’s unlikely that you will receive much support. As many of the programs have been created by individuals or small groups, chances are that they won’t have the time to help users or fix inevitable software bugs.

There are even more things to consider – are there any stimulus presentation options? Can it be integrated with other software, such as PsychoPy , E-Prime , or even in-browser presentation? How is the fixation algorithm constructed? Is the data analyzable, or even accessible?

A screenshot of xLabs.

This could also mean understanding the source code to provide explanations about its use. For a programmer this could be relatively straightforward, but will likely involve a level of expertise well above the average for most people working with eye tracking.

For most of the software, the features are rarely fitted to the ideal situation.

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