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Podcasts track phone app android 3g usage You'll Love: 'The Habitat' imagines an interplanetary trip2. Toggl


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  • Easy setup: set your monthly bandwidth cap, billing cycle, and your plan cost (plus overage fees) and go
  • Alerts when you approach or exceed your bandwidth cap, when roaming, or any predefined bandwidth limits you set
  • Alerts for data-hogging apps that are consuming data faster than others, or are consuming data in the background
  • Predictive alerts that you'll exceed your bandwidth cap if you continue current consumption
  • Ability to restrict apps to Wi-Fi only, or turn 3G off entirely if you've exceeded your data cap
  • Home screen widgets that show how much data you've used/have remaining for the month, display live data usage by apps running, and your apps that use the most data
  • Awards you badges based on your data consumption, ranging from "Absolute Beginner" to "Data Tamer"

An Eye on Data

If you’re under a particularly strict data limit, you’ll want to know what apps are eating away at your quota, and now you know five great solutions for figuring out which app is causing you to break your data plan.

Do you struggle to keep your data under the limit? Do you have any app recommendations yourself? Let us know below!

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Complete tutorial on making a GPS Location Tracker app for Android. We will use location Listener for handling location changes and and use Google Maps to display marker in Maps.Check out the full tutorial and source code: watch: "Adding Custom Transition (Animation) Between Android Activities Transition | Tutorial"

1. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a tool designed for monitoring and analyzing the time spent on a computer. With its advanced reporting function and the possibility to create projects, we can determine exactly how much time we spend on particular tasks or other activities. To face the market demands, we have created an app for both Android and iOS that also facilitates one’s work. Here are some of its features:

  • Tap to start or stop tracking time from every place on earth
  • Alternatively create time entries manually
  • Generate reports of your time
  • Browse your projects and tasks
  • Log your time offline
  • Easily make notes on every time entry you are working on
  •  Edit time entries with just a few clicks
  •  Mark time entry as billable or non-billable
  •  Browse and edit your historical data or plan your future

The time tracked through your mobile can also be essential, because not only you will be able to analyze the statistics to improve your working schedule but you also can add this time to the main app, and, for example, present it to your client, who pays by the hour.  Recently, we have launched a brand new version of this app, with a more intuitive interface, more features, and better optimization for both Android phones and iPhones.  More about it can be found in our article about the new TimeCamp app .

No matter how big your team is and how many projects you’re working on. TimeCamp displays all the data tracked by your device in one place. It easily records the time spent on tasks, and allows you to properly bill your customers. Download it here.

2.  Toggl

One of the most well-known time tracking apps. It is well-developed, easy-to-use, and it offers a set of features facilitating time and work management. A great number of small businesses and freelancers use Toggl to track time spent on projects and analyze it.

The Android app has timesheets that could ease the work in every company.  You can log task – switch the timer on, and start tracking. Also, it is easy to generate reports based on the monitored time. The time logs are synced to Toggl cloud, upgrading your data on the go.

You can see the comparison between TimeCamp and Toggl at this address.

Pricing plan1. QualityTime The Ultimate Vegan Cheese Taste Test6. App Detox Best Free Free iPhone 4 Tracking Application There's A Facebook Messenger Scam Doing The Rounds. Here's What To DoGet a Load of This Ridiculous Story About How Elon Musk Called a Tesla Critic’s Boss to Complain About Him (Updated)


· Extract Information: It can securely extract and store the monitored data from the target android phone with notifying the target device.

· Easy and Cheap: It is easy to use and inexpensive monitoring App. It provides ease to all users and doesn’t require any App In-Purchases.

· Customer Service: Spyzie Studio team provides best customer service over all forums. Whenever a user is facing any issue because of any reason, just contact Spyzie customer service and they will fix the issue with in short duration of time.

· Rating: It has rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Android Google Play store which refers to the fact that it is much better than the other Apps and is quite comfortable to use.

· Features: Control Panel – Spyzie is equipped with a lot of features other than call tracking. So, a user won’t disappoint after using it.

The app is made for the pure speed freak. The app measures your phone’s download, upload, and ping speeds in less than a minute, giving you a simple picture of your network’s current speeds. You can choose to see your speed results in either kbps, Mbps, or kB/s. Since the app only captures speed tests, there aren’t many other customization options. The app’s interface, however, is very easy to use and pleasant to look at with its futuristic style and animations. If you’re especially interested in analyzing your data, you can export your results to CSV or email. You’ll also be able to see fine details of every testing run, including what type of network you were on at the time, the external and internal IP addresses, the latitude and longitude coordinates, and more. I only wish I could see speed results in a map view to quickly determine where my network performs best. And because the app does collect location information, it doesn’t seem like this would be too hard to implement. Otherwise, is a one-trick app that does its trick well. Available on the App Store and Google Play ; Free

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