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By Marissa Johnson | March 10th, 2017

We all wonder what the youngest generations are up to online these days. It’s difficult to connect with our children when current technology creates perhaps one of the most challenging distractions to hit the parent-child relationship since the invention of the TV! And as much as our children are entitled to their own lives and choices, how can we, as parents, keep them safe from what is clearly a world of its own?

Children already grow and change so much that they can barely keep up with themselves. As the world of technology expands ever more broadly, we as parents must protect them from such risks as online predators, thieving hackers, or uncensored information .

“What exactly [children] are looking at and who they are communicating with is often a mystery to their parents” says newscaster Coleen Sullivan in a recent interview on ABC Channel 7 News with Lawrence Ng, founder of KidGuard.

Just like the well-known saying about driving: ‘It’s not that we don’t trust you… we just can’t trust all the other drivers to care for your safety.’ The online community fosters the same worry for parents. Every time a child goes online, they’re opening up a portal to a whole world of temptations ready and willing to compromise their safety. Parents absolutely must stay up to date on technology enough to protect their children from the dangers it hosts.


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About Us

KidGuard is an online service that enables parents to have access to their child's phone location. In addition, parents are able to monitor their child's online interactions. These services equip any parent with the right tools to prevent unfortunate events from happening to the people they care the most about.

KidGuard’s simple and intuitive interface allows parents to view:

  • GPS location:  track where their child has been in the past and in real time, with a timestamp
  • SMS texts: monitor incoming and outgoing texts, even deleted ones
  • Contacts and call history: view their incoming and outgoing calls, contact names, phone numbers, dates, times, and durations of calls.
  • Chat messages: monitor messages on different apps, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook.
  • Photos: View all the photos on their child’s phone, taken, sent or received.
  • Browser history: monitor what they’re searching and any suspicious sites visited.

A unique feature that KidGuard introduced in the ABC News interview which offers to keep your child safe is Situation 360. In case of any kind of emergency, a Situation 360 report can be automatically generated within minutes to provide parents with  an in-depth analysis of patterns of their child’s most frequent GPS locations, website activity, search terms, and contacts.  This Situation 360 report identifies outliers in your child's usual cell phone activity as well as a list of police departments near your location in order for you to notify the proper authorities immediately if you should need assistance.

“We believe parents should first set rules with their child in terms of what apps they can or cannot use. We feel that parents should have an open dialogue to be able to review who they’re friends with online. We also feel it’s very, very important for parents to establish an open dialogue to be able to watch what their kids are doing, and, most importantly, it’s crucial for parents to have passwords on their kids’ social media accounts,” says Lawrence Ng in the ABC7 interview.

If you want to know more about KidGuard, or read more literature about cyber bullying and the threats the internet creates, visit KidGuard.com .

Controversial Software Lets You Spy On Kids' Phone Without Them Knowing!

KidGuard provides information & tools for parents to keep their kids safe online. KidGuard’s Phone Monitoring Service helps parents to monitor their kids’ text messages, GPS location, phone logs, app usage, and chats, thus allowing the parents to stay on top of issues such as cyberbullying, online predators, teen depression, and other risks to their children arising from the internet.

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Track Messages Securely

Get started with KidGuard for Free! Our secure and easy to use monitoring service help hundreds of parents keep their children safe. View text messages, call logs, GPS locations, browser history, WhatsApp, Snapchat*, and more.


Let Us Help Keep Your 

Child Safe Online!

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Carnal content

When children have access to the internet and to the social messaging apps, they often encounter with the adult content and they start searching for the nude content on the cell phone browser. On the other hand young teens also very popular for self-obscenity by making their own nude videos and often embarrassed in case the video goes viral on the internet by someone close to them such as boyfriends.

Sexual encounters and Hookups through dating apps

Young children also use dating apps such as Tinder and Snapchat for the sake of sexual hooks and for blind dating without realizing their supposed boyfriend’s real-life profile and usually got cheated and lose the self-respect and dignity.


Texting with the online opposite gender boyfriends often turns into sexting and they mostly use “ F Terms ” while having a conversation. This kind of bad activity mostly turn teens obsessed with the artificial sexual behaviors that can really damage children mentally and they no-more convince to have the natural sexual relationship in their real –life.

Social Media obsession

Children those spend all day long on the smartphones and do activities such as texting , sexting , make calls, shared media on the instant messaging apps and do Voice calls often become obsessed with social media . Finally, they don’t want to have social real life and always want to remain online on their cell phones.

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