What is the Best Flight Tracker App for Android

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App for Listening Someone Calls from their Cellphone for FreeRescueTimeMost other carriers and phone what is the best flight tracker app for android providers including the

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4. Call Tracker

This App will show you call history from any phone you want to track.




· Detect calls from target device

· Check Contact List

· Check SMS, WhatsApp, Viber messages from the target phone.

· GPS Locator

· Check all system logs like battery status etc.

· Check whole call history.


· Small Downloading Size: This App is smaller in size consisting of just 2.29MB size. 

· Cheap: Call Tracker is quite an inexpensive App and doesn’t harm.

· Low Battery Usage: This App doesn’t consume much of the battery.


· Not Spy App: This is not a Spy App. So, it notifies the target device about monitoring.

· Bugs and Crashes: This App is under influence of Bugs and gets crashed quite often after recently updated version.

Download link:


How to Find Spy Apps on iPhone Waiting

TheTruthSpy send recorded calls to the web account to be listened to later Free mobile tracker app provides variety of features at free of cost SMS, Call recording, GPS locations, Facebook tracking, Cell phone tracker, WhatsApp tracking .. Nexus 4 Gps Tracking

Free employee tracking app Out of this world support 5 Best Free Android Spy Apps & 3 Pro Android Spying/Phone tracker servicesGo Ahead, Give It a Shot How to Trace a Cell Phone Owner In India

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22 Jun 2018 .. SMS Tracker Exe is Required; Top New Monitoring of phone location! .. I hope whatsapp will not find a way to crack for it as it is really too ..Newsletter Looking for a GPS Tracker App? Here Are 8 of the Best - Hubstaff Blog Screenshots100% Undetectable - Free Android Tracking and Monitoring ApplicationAbout Pat Stanley

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Users of the target phone either kids or employees will not know if GuestSpy software has been installed on their phone Here’s how to unlock your phone automatically with Android Smart Lock

I am looking for a location tracking app for my employees. What are some suggestions?

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41 Answers Avradip Saha , General Manager, APEITA| IIM Visakhapatnam Alum Answered 109w ago

Just have a look at GRAYFOS, a sales force automation solution from Gray Routes Technology, India. Through its feature GEO-TAGGING you can see location of your sales force, real time. Its unique features like PJP (Permanent Journey Planner) would give you optimum routes for sales visits based on location, class/segment of retail outlets. Taking orders becomes effortless through its order basket and frees up sale person’s time to spend more time on productive activities like actual selling! Currently it is used by 270+ clients including both Fortune 500 companies to SMEs. Its SaaS based, so with zero capital expenditure you can start and solve your distribution pain points as well as having great insights with control over your data, market and sales force visibility. For more info you can have a look at the website: Field-Force Mapping & Distribution Optimization Software

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  • I am looking for ways to market my mobile app with shoe string budget, any suggestions?
  • What are good apps to track locations of mobile employees of an enterprise?
  • How do I track mobile phone?
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Abhishek Poddar , works at Google Answered 74w ago

There are quite a lot of apps in the market that you can use. But I have seen that most of the companies end up building location tracking within their own app. That way: a. Your employees don’t have to use a new third party app

b. You can build your own workflow in your own app, and hence get more value from employee using that app

c. Location tracking can just work in the background in that app.

To get location tracking in your app, you can use HyperTrack ( www.hypertrack.com ) have built APIs that allow you to get accurate dynamic location of your employees without worrying about battery optimization. The API would automatically give you all the trips your employees took alongwith time & distance travelled, and all the places where he/she stopped alongwith duration of the stop.

6.5k Views · View Upvoters promoted by MoBerries Talent Berlin is looking for Software Engineers PHP (m/f). Do not miss your chance to apply. If you're interested, please sign-up on MoBerries via this link. Apply Now at app.moberries.com You dismissed this ad.The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Undo Pramod Singh , CatchMe- A location based Mobile Application Answered 85w ago

There are many startups and small businesses looking for low budget, location tracking solutions so that they can track their employees’ mainly sales executives, who are constantly on the field. To help business grow, one of the best location sharing app, available is CatchMe .With the help of CatchMe , you can easily track your employees and see whether they have reached the designated place or not. There are many benefits of CatchMe , such as –

  • Location Tracking – Will tell you the exact location of employees
  • Attendance – No need to invest in another software as you can create group & mark employee attendance through this app. With Excel sheet, you can easily keep records of attendance / leave etc.
  • Meeting – Create meeting areas so that you receive alerts as soon as employee or clients enter or exit the meeting area.
  • Promotion – Promote your business with the help of keywords. Keywords help others search services or products. Your keyword would help you gain more business.
  • Messaging – Most Location tracking apps do not have chat options, so you can look up the location but cannot message them. With CatchMe, you can create groups such as Sales, HR etc., and can easily send customize messages to the whole group.
3.7k Views · View Upvoters Vaibhav Shukla , lives in India (2015-present) Updated 7w ago

How to track the attendance of the salesman?

In today’s world many company concerned with sales needs to perform the sales tracking every day. This tedious process requires much time and close attention. Fortunately, sales tracking software systems specially developed by software providers are designed to fulfill most of the work, so sales representatives can eliminate the manual paperwork and perform what they do best from their responsibilities, selling.


IntecInfonet has come up with new enterprise mobility solution to manage all your sales activities on a single mobile application. It works online as well as offline mode. This Application provides Mobile based attendance system to companies and business owners to track attendance of their Employees. It tracks attendance based on Location of Employee, apart from this, application helps you to know the no. of client visits of your employee.


QUIKR VISIT allows the sales force to perform sales activities. This software is particularly designed to perform on an offline mode as well. Some of the features of this software are: field staff can perform virtually all their routine, administrative tasks from field locations, they can also submit Client visit reports, can record visit outcomes, follow-up tasks, and best of all, to even punch into your attendance system at the start of the day and punch-out from their last visit location. Field Force productivity and performance can also be measured. The solution automates the sales working giving the best timely visibility along with the market reach-up to the last mile. It removes the pen-paper work and allows companies to analyse as well as forecast the sales operation on time and in a productive manner. QUIKR VISIT is all about effectively tracking your sales force and other field teams, to ensure that they use their time most productively while on the field. It proudly powered by IntecInfonet.

909 Views by Quora for Business Get app downloads by leveraging relevant content. Promote your mobile app today. Quora's topic targeting helps find better audiences. Start Now at quora.com You dismissed this ad.The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Undo Ramesh N , Passionate Digital Marketer Answered 8w ago

Here are the 3 Major Benefits that any field business will get value by implementing the employee location tracking software .

Reach On time:

Getting lost, taking longer routes, getting stuck in traffic, and inefficient scheduling of your field staffs are always making customers wait. Optimized path to serve multiple customer location visit, smart scheduling and real-time traffic updates enable efficient routing.

So your field employees can get where they need to be on time, increasing positive customer experiences.

Save on fuel costs:

Fuel usage is uncontrollable if your field workforce are taking haphazard routes, wasting fuel with improper driving and taking advantage of vehicle privileges. With smarter route optimization, field staff will be able to choose the easiest route to travel. This will save travel time enabling cost reduction.

Increase Productivity:

Lack of GPS location tracking system will inevitably lead to inefficiencies in the field that will damage customer experiences resulting business losses. Location tracking system will enable you to keep your business & entire field operations efficient. This will result in completing more work orders every day, lower fuel cost and more satisfied customer.

PS : I work for TaskCare

With TaskCare you can track employee current location with GPS in real-time, Get real-time alerts & Updates, manage remote attendance , Manage tasks , Collect data & payments , Verify documents , Analyze KPI, Generate reports and API integration with 3rd party apps etc done through TaskCare - Field Service & Workforce Management Software .

754 Views David Answered 60w ago

I would suggest to go with Latest technology, The necessity for bringing in all employees under one umbrella is fast reducing. While many companies are prompted with WFH, And send their employees on Field for work. Construction companies, oil rigs, marketing agencies, technical service providers, and many other enterprises work with field employees. There are even cases when team members and manager will just have virtual meets for months. Though there are many advantages for both the management and the employee with this type of work, there is one drawback. It becomes very difficult for the manager or the administrator to allot work to the subordinates and keep track of their location and work done. Travelize just fills this gap. You can track your employees Location in one click.

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Related Questions

  • What are your suggestions for an employee tracking application?
  • What tools available to track sales field employee locations?
  • I am looking for ways to market my mobile app with shoe string budget, any suggestions?
  • What are good apps to track locations of mobile employees of an enterprise?
  • How do I track mobile phone?
  • How can I find a cell location?
  • Can I fake my location so my wife can't track my location on Find My Friends App?
  • What is the fitness app?
  • Is my phone being tracked?
  • How can one track an Android phone?
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